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Well folks I survived the dreaded cryoblation heart in perfect NSR a bit sore and had a few issues because of my other conditions,but otherwise went well ,had GA so did not see anything of it only the cath lab ,one amazing place it too 5hrs ,had 3sheaths in the groin one 10 mm (big) and two smaller ones the big one they stitched in place, they gave me a massive dose of heparin so it was 6hours before they could remove them then had to lie flat for six hours after already had a few auras no pain but larger and more vivid than the ones I had before.was told as you have all said could get runs of AF in the first 3months but if it has work should be clear in 6months so let's hope it works

Thank you for all your support will give progress report xx

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  • Well done. now rest plenty. You probably will be sore for a few days which helps dissuade you from too much activity.

  • Thank you, Mazza. Pleasing to hear that it's gone well. Things are sounding good so far! As Bob says, get plenty of rest. x

  • Pleased to hear all went well, rest, rest and more rest. Best wishes CD

  • Glad all went well for you Mazza, long may it continue.


  • goog to hear you are safely through it- keep us up to date on your progress!!

  • Great news, take it easy and be kind to yourself.

  • So glad you are back in NSR. I bet you feel a great sense of relief.

    Now as every one else has advised Rest Rest Rest.


  • Thanks folks. You are one great support group so glad I found you xxxx

  • Best wishes Mazza, hope all goes according to plan.


  • I "ditto" all of the above. Wishing you the very best recovery/healing.

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