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Seems I spoke too soon…..Recovering from COVID

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Since my last post everything went downhill quite fast and neighbour ended up calling Paramedics. After short stay in hospital until heart stabilised I was discharged, not because I was well, because the ambulances were queuing with people a lot sicker - so I sat in a corridor coughing up what remained of my guts waiting for OH and neighbour to collect me. It seemed to affect every organ in my body and I truly thought I was going to die and at times hoped it would happen soon!

Once home I was at least comfortable and support network kicked in. After being unable to absorb food and meds for 4 days I was very weak so GP visited as I was very dehydrated. GP obviously wanted to return me to hospital but was cogniscent that I could become a human boomerang, not ill enough for hospital but too ill to be at home. We devised a plan based on slow re-hydration and retention of some type of nourishment and pleased to say that it does seem to be working.

Hopefully, I really am now on the mend but there is always 2 steps forward and 1 back with my conditions so I am left with a secondary lung infection for which I’m prescribed heavy duty antibiotics - which hoping will not destroy my gut even more but it’s inevitable but I know I can get that back through nutrition.

The only reason I could stay at home was because my OH and I were able to monitor myself and had clear limits as to when to call 999. I still have to report in on Monday but I managed to get up yesterday and felt so much better that this time I can believe the only way is up but it will take a few weeks.

Good news is that my heart is now steady again, even if HR is still a little fast.

If there is anyone out there who still believes COVID is like a cold or flu, be advised that for you it might be, but for many of us this is a really serious illness with long lasting affects. After 3 weeks in bed, I can just about walk downstairs, rest in a chair for a hour and stagger back to bed to sleep.

Stay well and stay masked and get your boosters!

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Oh CD, so sorry to hear all you've gone through. Keep us updated every so often please.

Hope and pray you will make a speedy recovery and sending you a healing hug.

Jean xxx

So sorry to hear about your experience, CDreamer, and how ill you have been. The government do not seem to want to believe that our hospitals will be overwhelmed and move to Plan B. Your experience seems to suggest that your hospital, at least, is in difficulty. I had to go to A & E in the middle of the night a few weeks’ ago and spent the best part of 10 hours sitting in the corridor in a wheelchair. I do hope that you are now on the up and that you will soon feel much better.

Lockdowns don't work,the hospitals are not overwhelmed ,if people get jabbed and stay calm ,don't listen to the doom and gloom merchants.

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CDreamer in reply to Ronnieboy

Obviously you live in a very different universe. In mine, having been jabbed and been extremely ill, experienced the hospital being overwhelmed - vey distressing, talked to staff who are at their wit’s end, many needing to leave for their own health and sanity - I would say now is exactly the time to think very hard about behaving in a considerate to others way, wear your mask, keep your distance and limit social contact.

I don’t think the word ‘Locdown’ was mentioned until your post.

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beach_bum in reply to CDreamer

Sorry to hear of your dilemma, please be well.Ignore the bots and antivax trolls...they seem to be triggered by the word "covid" trying to convince a person with covid that it's fake or harmeless would be laughable if not so sad. So sad in fact, if you took them to one of the overflowing ERs' they would claim it's "staged" and "fake" and that you are an "actor" put upon this world to spread "disinformation" etc etc.

Sorry you have this to deal with as well 😑

Stay safe!

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Ducky2003 in reply to Ronnieboy

CDreamer did not mention a lockdown so how about a bit of sympathy for a fellow AF sufferer who has been extremely ill instead of turning this into something political?

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Ronnieboy in reply to Ducky2003

I'm sorry but I live in the real world ,hospitals are not overwhelmed and if people get jabbed they will not get seriously ill,it's the doom and gloom merchants that create a problem that doesn't exist.

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Ducky2003 in reply to Ronnieboy

CDreamer was posting regarding how poorly she had been and her experience so I, personally, don't feel your response was appropriate in this situation. Saying that folk will not get seriously ill if they have been jabbed is also inaccurate as I have 2 double jabbed friends who were very ill and one is still in hospital trying to be weaned off oxygen. Clearly CDreamer states she has been vaccinated and yet was still very ill so are you suggesting she is exaggerating? Let's just show a bit of sympathy eh?

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baba in reply to Ronnieboy

CDreamer was doubly vaccinated, was seriously ill with COVID-19, and experienced the conditions in hospital first hand, you comments are shameful.

What a bad and sad experience CD. Glad to hear you survived this episode and ‘climbing up the hill’ again. Take your time and rest and hope y’ ll soon feel better..thanks for sharing. Many greeting from 🇳🇱 Antonia

Sorry to hear how you have suffered. Hope you feel better soon.

So sorry to hear what you have been through. I hope you really are on the mend now and getting the support you need. Keep monitoring, keep resting!Due to see friends this afternoon. Because of your post, I will drive not take public transport and keep well apart. Take care ❤

So sorry to hear you have been so unwell,hope you get backto health soon and look after yourself and OH

Oh how awful CD, I do hope your now properly on the mend. Take care 🤗🤗

Oh my goodness - what an experience. Hope you make a speedy and full recovery. Sending hugs through the ether.

❤️‍🩹💗💕 So sorry, I hope it’s all upwards from now on.

We tried to book booster, 119 cut me off after going through numerous options, tried online and offered appointment 20+ miles away. So wrote letter of complaint (getting very feisty since Mr B’s diagnosis) and was told local centre fully booked but we could try a ‘walk-in and wait approach’. And they wonder why take up is sluggish?

Bought giant box of FP2 masks - the ones that protect you instead of the other person!

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Ppiman in reply to Buffafly

I very much doubt “take up” of the booster is sluggish, and that all they need is arms to put it in myself. There must be different reasons that this deceptive and incompetent bunch are hiding from us. Our friends at 88 and 90 are struggling to get theirs.


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Buffafly in reply to Ppiman

I’ve heard shortage of staff - many people burnt out 😞

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Ppiman in reply to Buffafly

My daughter in law is a nurse and she’s been telling us lately how tough things are getting, mostly, I believed, thanks to the 12-hour shifts, which translate to 15 hours away from home with travel, briefing time and the hour’s (unpaid) break. That’s a long day in a busy ward.


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CDreamer in reply to Ppiman

So agree about the 12 hour shifts. I never thought them a good idea. Younger staff can cope but staff 40+ just seem to struggle.

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Ppiman in reply to CDreamer

She’s under 40 but a busy mum, too. We’re so lucky to have her in the family!


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Ducky2003 in reply to Buffafly

May be a postcode lottery as I was sent about 4 texts to book my booster (I was waiting for slots on a particular day) and there were lots of slots available to book.

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Buffafly in reply to Ducky2003

Since my complaint the local centre has suddenly popped up on the list of choices so I was able to book for early November. I suspect one of the famous ‘glitches’ which are of course nobody’s fault 🙄

Oh dear, what an awful time you have been having. Hopefully the worst is over and you will slowly build back up your strength. Take care, best wishes Jackie xx

I didn't see your last post ( seem to miss quite a few in my inbox ) but was wondering why we hadn't heard from you recently.

I'm so sorry to hear this, especially as you are so health aware. I must admit that I've been getting a bit complacent with masking recently but hearing this is a wake up call.

Sending all good wishes for your complete recovery.

J xx

I’m so sorry to hear all you have had to endure, sending you a big healing hug 🤗. I pray 🙏 you will now make a steady recovery, and I will be thinking of you.

Shirley xxx

Ahh I'm so sorry to hear how much you have suffered. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery! 💐🙏X

Thanks for sharing all that! May you continue on the mend. Sounds very scary! So glad you are recovering and are safe at hone.

Poor you. That sounds perfectly horrid. I truly hope you have turned the corner and the worst is behind you. Wishing you a speedy and uneventful recovery. Take care and do up date us as to how you are doing. xx

HI CD 🙂 sorry to hear your had a relapse I hope you will be better soon.

It is clear from the experience of family members/friends that the strategy now is to send people with C19 home if at all possible , I guess it makes the hospital bed occupancy numbers look better.

My severely asthmatic niece was sent home with C19 after a day on oxygen and with a supply of steroids . Her husband was so scared because by then she'd had if for 9 days and was very weak. A friends 'healthy daughter' went into hospital with covid pneumonia, supposedly recovered and was sent home where she developed pulmonary emboli and had to return to hospital .

Covid can be unpredictable and 'recovery ' should be treated with caution.

After almost 2 years of almost total isolation and 3 vaccinations I am still doing everything possible to avoid catching it.

Hi CD, Glad you are on the mend and it goes to show how unpredictable C19 is, I say that judging as to how careful you will have been. In our case we have tried to carry on with as much care as possible to lead a normal life, which entails meeting and mixing with many social friends of ours - so far so good.

As I said "so far - so good". Even after close contact with our 15 yr old grandson who caught C19 from school who had started to show symptoms during the evening of a family celebratory meal, the other 4 family members (hugs all around) including ourselves caught nothing.

Which then brings me onto; Two vaxs which we have had was supposed to be enough, now we are being told that we [must] have a booster! Bearing in mind that this latest surge is driven by unvaccinated school children begs the question 1) Why do we need the booster when it is basically the young spreading it 2) How many boosters of boosters are we supposed to take before enough is enough??

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SteelHeart in reply to john6

In Ireland, in the town of Waterford, 99% of people have been jabbed. Now, hospitals are full of vaccinated with "Covid". It is your neighborhood, so you can check it easily. I do not dare to comment in more detail.

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john6 in reply to SteelHeart

"It is your neighbourhood", actually Waterford is in a part of Ireland that is not part of the UK, I'm in Wales.

Having looked up Waterford; as of Monday this week they had a total of 24 C19 patients in hospital with (allegedly) 18 vaxed and 6 not. What they do not disclose is how many had underlying health issues. Unfortunately throughout the world, a lot of information is being withheld that would imo dispel the fears of many.

One other thing; When they say that hospitals are full of C19, they mean that the ICU (Intensive Care Units) are full, which most certainly in the UK is not difficult as we have amongst the lowest ICU beds in Europe.

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Motov in reply to SteelHeart

7 out of 10 ill in hospital are apparently jabbed according to ONC but l also dare not comment 😮

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CDreamer in reply to john6

Efficacy of the vaccines declines quite rapidly so after 6 months although you may have some immunity, it’s less than 50% of protection it did. Still won’t stop you getting COVID - just lessen the potency. I wouldn’t be here without the vaccs.

My understanding is COVID jab will become like the flu jab - we’ll need a top up every 12 months.

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john6 in reply to CDreamer

I think you are right with it being every 12 months. With these top ups, it begs the question - are the doses strong enough in the first instance?

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Auriculaire in reply to john6

There is a big difference in the strength of the Pfizer and Moderna jabs. Moderna has 3 x the active ingredient. Now Moderna has been suspended here in France and in Norway and Denmark for causing too much myocarditis in young people. I suspect it's actually too much myocarditis /pericarditis altogether otherwise why not give it for the booster for over 65?

john6 profile image
john6 in reply to Auriculaire

Another very good reason imo [not] to let them mix the doses. If anything does go wrong, you would not know which drug/company to blame.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to john6

Doesn't really matter as the manufacturers have indemnity anyway. I had the Janssen jab on 25th Aug. I have just had a letter recalling me for a Pfizer booster as apparently Janssen is no good now. There is a big choice here in France now -Pfizer or Pfizer or Pfizer.

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belindalore in reply to john6

The experts kept saying not long ago, DO NOT mix the vaccines. Now it's okay. Seems to me most of the misinformation is coming from the experts themselves. Compounded by the media. No wonder people are confused 😕.

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Buffafly in reply to Auriculaire

My booster call up message said I would have either Moderna or Pfizer - to be decided at the appointment. I already had Pfizer so interested to see what happens.

I already had pericarditis/pericardial effusion twice so that info is helpful!

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to Buffafly

Under those circumstances I would definitely not want the Moderna. It looks like AZ has been ditched in the UK as well

Hope your road to recovered will continue at a good steady pace. Keep strong.

Sorry to read your post and to learn how poorly you have been. Best wishes for your continued recovery

I am so sorry to hear all you have and are still going through. So pleased you have a support network who are all singing from the same hymn sheet. It will take time but sounds like you have turned the corner and hopefully will feel better each day, even if it’s just a smidgen. I wish you a speedy recovery and please keep us updated. Please thank Mr CD for all he is doing too.Take care CD. ❤️💐xxx

Oh goodness me, how awful for you. Hopefully you are now over the worst of it but have that seemingly endless slow hill to climb to get back to some semblance of normality.

Hang on in there.

Hi CD. I’m so sorry to hear that you caught C-19 and what you’ve been through. I hope you get well soon. My best wishes to you and Mr CD. Take care.

What a horrendous time you have had, you must have been so worried. So pleased you are improving. Take it easy and look after yourself ♥️♥️

This is Boris’s version of an NHS that is coping well. Oh dear me. What a mess we are in as a country.

Get well soon - as you likely will given your more recent progress which sounds encouraging..

I send you warm wishes for your continued recovery.


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belindalore in reply to Ppiman

Don't feel alone. Look at the mess in the USA. 😥

It's so nice that this forum is supportive when someone is going through something like CDreamer. With all the support she will be better in no time. 😍

Poochmom profile image
Poochmom in reply to belindalore

Yup the USA is a total mess all the way around. Seems as though other countries also are having troubles. What a strange world we are living in. We all need to stick together to get through this debacle!!! Best wishes CD fir a complete and quick recovery from here on out!

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Ppiman in reply to belindalore

So warmly expressed, Belinda! 😊

Do hope today brings even more respite. x

So sorry to hear of how poorly you have been. It sounds like you have had a really tough time. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

If I were back in Oz I'd open this with ..... "G'day mate, 'ow yer goin'" ..... not a good start having read your post ....soo we'll just leave it as G'day mate 😱😱😂😂😂😂.Seriously, I was very, very sorry to read of your dramas, just so sad that someone with all your knowledge, experience and your willingness to share your experiences must suffer in this way - despite all your care and attention to detail in caring for your own health. I do hope that your improvement continues to bound away. I hope Mr. CD is well, your friends and family too.

I am now up to date, having had my booster yesterday, half way through recovery from cataract surgery. Won't be going back to bus driving for another week so am stuck at home. Mrs CarnEuny can't wait for me to get back to work she didn't know what a grumpy old git I was when I couldn't get the sniff of diesel fuel 😂😂😂😂😂

So CD, keep on improving ....may the force be with you. Hugs.


That sounds horrendous CD, poor you glad to hear you're on the mend now. Going for my booster tomorrow, hope it doesn't set the AF off. Had it after each one last time. 😍

So sorry to hear this. Please get well soon!

I hope that you continue to improve and get back to your old self very soon. Sending my warmest wishes.


Sorry to hear that you have been so unwell CD. Sending virtual hits your way.

Oh my, so glad to hear you’re on the mend 💗🙏🏼

That all sounds awful. I only heard yesterday that an ex colleague who is only in his 40's but with heart issues, went into hospital last week for an angiogram and came home only to go down with Covid 2 days later. Thankfully he has had both vaccines and hopefully is just feeling rough as opposed to needing hospitalisation. He is speculating that he picked it up in hospital as he hasnt seen anyone else since hes been home.

Wishing you a speedy recovery now.

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Handel in reply to Nannysue1

My dad went into hospital with an infected leg in January, caught Covid there and passed away in March. Poor old dad was 99 so didn't really have a chance of fighting off the virus.Hope your ex colleague recovers quickly xxxx

belindalore profile image
belindalore in reply to Handel

So sorry for your loss. Take care.

Nannysue1 profile image
Nannysue1 in reply to Handel

Sorry to hear that 😥

So Sorry you have gone through this & hope you continue to improve.Your Replies to my questions have helped me so much.

Get well soon xxx

Hi CD, I hope Sunday finds you a bit better. I can't believe almost every aspect of this Covid situation; people have and will be writing many books on it. I told my son yesterday, who is a history teacher, this will be a future subject for his students! On the bright side earlier treatment and anti-viral tablets seem to be coming to support vaccines where efficacy has dropped or for the unvaccinated.

CDreamer profile image
CDreamer in reply to secondtry

Be a few months before the oral anti-virals are available but agree, for many of us they will be very useful.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to CDreamer

Were you given inhaled budesonide as a treatment?

CDreamer profile image
CDreamer in reply to Auriculaire

No treatment because I was taken for suspected MI. The lung issue was found as an aside but that is being followed up. Just got a letter for follow up X-ray.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to CDreamer

I don't know how widely budesonide is being used. Apparently it was noticed that asthma patients who got covid were not as badly off as they expected them to be lungwise and they started to investigate the preventative treatments they were taking and found the steroid budesonide that is in some preventative inhalers was helpful.

Sorry to hear your news. Hope you feel better very soon.


Get well very soon CD. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been through all that. Xx

Best wishes for a good recovery - so sorry to hear you've gad such a bad time.

What an ordeal. I really hope you get the care you need and get well soon. 🌸

So sorry to hear what you are going through. My (fully vaccinated and healthy) neighbour had Covid a few weeks ago and was really shocked at how unwell she was, she didn't need hospital treatment but said she hated to think what she would have been like had she not been protected.

Sending healing hugs and hope you turn the corner very soon xxx

Blimey, you've been through so much. Hope you recover very soon. Love and hugs. Jan xxxx

I’m glad to hear you seem to be recovering at last. What a horrible time you’ve had, and don’t listen to these people who seem to think you’re making it all up. Take care.

So sorry to hear you have been so ill and hope you are on the road to recovery. When I was last in hospital for diverticulitis and had iv and then oral antibiotics for a fortnight my gastroenterologist advised me to take S accaromyces boulardii to mitigate the damage to the microbiome. This is a beneficial yeast and it certainly helped a lot with the diarrhoea that the antibiotics were causing. I think people need to be more aware that even when vaccinated this is not a guarantee of escaping covid and there needs to be lots more emphasis on social distancing and mask wearing. I was shocked last night when I saw a report of people flocking back to Cheltenham with no masks and everybody interviewed said life had to return to normal. Despite figures showing cases in Cheltenham well above average.

So sorry to read all that your going through, terrible for you. I wish you all the very best for your recovery. xx

I kept wondering why you hadn't been posting. I was just ready to ask if anyone knew where you were. I'm so sorry you caught this evil virus. But am so glad you got help and are getting better. I wish I could do something to help you but all I can do is keep you in my prayers and stay on track with your recovery. 🤗🤗 Big hugs from across the ocean.

Sorry to read this. Hopefully, its onwards and upwards now. I had my booster jab on Friday and felt poleaxed yesterday but feel I was moaning over nothing after reading your post. Get well soon.💜

So in spite of being vaccinated (twice?) you still got a bad case of Covid and your husband as well? Guess the official explanation is that without vaccination it would be even worse. But why are the hospitals overwhelmed if there are so many people vaccinated?

Daddyrabbit profile image
Daddyrabbit in reply to RaraAvis

According to the former Director of the CDC. 40% of the people dying from (Coronavirus)( COVID-19) (SARS-COV-2) or(China virus) now we’re fully vaccinated. So why are people still contracting the virus? Because what you are being given is NOT a vaccine. Vaccines offer( immunity) against A virus or viruses. If masks work then wear yours. But don’t expect others who believe differently to do so. If so call vaccines work then get one. But don’t force others to do so. Freedom of choice, freedom to make your own decision, freedom to have your own opinion. Let me be clear I am not against mask or a medication that would help prevent or lessen the severity of this virus. I believe we should all equally have the right to make our own decisions. May God bless everyone and keep us healthy and safe.

I'm sorry to read about your ordeal. It's good that you feel you're on the mend now - that's half the battle! I hope you can soon get back to doing all the things you enjoy, maybe even find a few new ones on the journey xx

Grrr! I get so angry at all the people around here saying or acting like it's all over. It's NOT!

So sorry to here that you have been struck this way. I hope for your speedy recovery. xx

Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Get outside of a few good probiotics, kefir, sauerkraut etc to offset the effect of the antibiotics on the gut.

Good luck

Hi CDSo sorry to hear of all the problems you have been having & hope you are fully on the mend (and your husband).

Covid-19 has not gone away, as you can fully testify.

Wishing you all the best & look forward to your excellent posts & comments as usual.👍

So sorry to hear how ill you have been. Thinking of you x

CDreamer you have had a terrible time. It is very thoughtful of you in the midst of all you’ve been through to add your personal experience of this terrible virus. I expect you were double vaccinated as have been so many taken ill. I had my booster on Friday, Pfizer after 2 Astrazenicas. Hopefully mix and matching will be beneficial to recipients. Here’s hoping that you make a good recovery. Your GP seems to be a very thorough doctor. Best wishes.

So sorry to hear you've been suffering pretty badly. I hope you're back soon to your normal way of life.

Sorry for your experience but glad you are feeling somewhat better and stabilized. What a shame that the ER was not able to see you through to more recovery before discharge. I hope you continue to improve and feel even better soon. Take Care and God Bless!

Thanks to everyone who sent best wishes.

Quiet & restful day. Lovely hamper of frozen meals by my favourite Cook arrived from grandchildren to keep us going.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Mines booked for 4th November

Oh my goodness. Had been wondering how you were. What a horrible time - you have had to fight and fight to gain the upper hand. Keep taking those two steps - they'll all add up.

Hey CD glad you have turned a corner and on the slow road to recovery. Rest, sleep, eat well & fresh air when you have any energy. You know how to look after yourself. Take care x

So sorry to hear this. Hope you get better soon.

Oh geepers you have had a dreadful time Im so sorry you have been so ill but very glad you have improved.let us know how you are doing pg you get back on your feet speedily. Prayers and healing hugs.😀

Post your experience on as many social media venues as you can. People think it won’t happen to them but it can. Covid will be a threat until more are vaccinated. Our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will will have to deal with Covid unless more are vaccinated. Don’t leave this as your legend

Only just seen this post when scrolling down, how awful for you. Sorry you have had such a bad time and you get to feel better soon.Very best wishes : )

So sorry to hear this. I hope things improve for you very very soon. Keep warm and safe.

Hi CD so sorry you have been ( still are?) so poorly and hope it has become 3 steps forward and half a step back. Thank you for posting this to serve as a warning. It so frustrating when some people who are vaccinated just stop any preventative measures. I seem to be the only one still wearing a mask even when not required. When people question it I explain we can still get very ill . I don't think this is being underlined enough. At least here in France masks are still obligatory in shops and in public transport.I really hope you feel 100% soon and sending a virtual ( masked 😉) hug!


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