Its an ongoing saga but you gotta laugh

Well after a trip to ae after I blacked out when my hr went back to normal its a waiting game in cardiology again. Ablation six weeks ago and had 7 episodes now and currently in af now so consultant in this hospital rang cardiologist at hospital where had my op done and when tbey get a bed im heading back over there. Might be another ablation or could be ablate and pace. Plus having an echo done while in here as doctor wants to check my heart function with my having dilated cardiomyopathy as well.

Seems like this year ive spent more time in hospital than at home but us geordie lasses tough and im still smiling (just). Plenty people worse off than me x

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  • Arr bless you ! Its a right pain isn't it?

    Keep us updated!!

    Wendi x

  • Not a pleasant experience but well done you for the upbeat view of it. Best wishes for getting things back on track.

  • Oh dear Jules you are having a rough time. You're in the right place even though you would rather not be!

    You've got the right attitude . As you say Geordie lasses are tough!.... (my mum was one). Keep us informed.

    Best wishes



  • love your style.

  • Not the best but you are not only in the right place - or places - but getting things attended to as well.

  • Thanks everyone. Still bombing along and up and down like yoyo despite max bisoprolol and digoxin. But not as breathless as I was before the ablation when in af so one good thing after it. Plus free smoothies for patients. Ill update on my progress as when I know anything x

  • Hope they get you sorted soon, you have such a good attitude. best wishes Kath

  • Hi Jules - Sorry to hear all this is happening to you. Are you still in hospital or at home?


  • Hi Jean im in hospital still. Doctor wont let me go home as my resting heart rate when not in af is dropping too low. Once they get a bed at the Freeman Hospital ill be transferred over there for my cardiologist to decide whats next x

  • Best wishes Jules and hope all goes well for you. Make sure you keep in contact and let us know your outcome.


  • You are obvious in good hands. Take care and don't rush things.

  • sorry to hear this- I hope you get on alright

    Best wishes

  • Your final comment is so positive, even though you must be churning inside. I have looked back over your posts and you have had such a rough ride - lots of good wishes winging their way to you! Irene

  • Thanks everyone. Hr back to normal about 5pm. Had my echo as well today and ill get results when see doc tomorrow. Hopefully ill get a move to other hospital soon then get sorted x

  • Good news is that when they get rid of the AF even for a short time, it gives your heart chance to heal. My DCM improved and is now diastolic heart dysfunction. So hang in there!

  • Hi everyone quick update. Only one episode of af over weekend. Doc here split my bisoprolol into 5mg in the morning and 5mg late afternoon but resting heart rate still 42-50. He doesnt want to mess with my meds until he has spoken to my cardiologist at Freeman Hospital. Still waiting to find out what the plan is but im still smiling despite being bored and hooked up to portable monitor x

  • Well at least that's something. Let's hope you move forward sooner rather than later.

    Keep us posted.

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