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Help needed for first time diagnosis

I woke the other night with my heart racing, I had pain across my chest and I fell to the floor. The ambulance came and told my son my heart rate was 215bpm !! I was shaking all over and couldn't breath because of the pain. I was rushed to hospital and given another ECG with showed a deformity of the right ventricle. After 1hour my heart slowed to 120bpm then eventually 85-90bpm. I have always suffered from palpitations but had not meds for it. Eventually hospital discharged me even though my heart was still beating fast. I have to go to my doctor now and get a 72 hour monitor.

I feel so scared to go out on me home or even go to sleep in case it happens again :(

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Hi there ellyhay. That sounds very scary! We all know here how alarming it is when we discover there's something not right with your heart and sympathise. Sometimes things are worst when they first happen and later - when you have got used to the condition you have - you know what improves it and how to deal with it. Why not explain the circumstances to the doctor's receptionist and see if you can get a double appointment so that your doctor can have time to tell you what the trouble could be, what other tests you might need (echocardiogram?) and what treatments might be available and you can ask questions.

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Thank u so much for your advice it means so much to hear of others in the same position as I feel all alone with it at the moment x


The thing is that there can be a wide range of problems with a heartbeat and we each have our own quirkiness. With experience, we become expert in our own particular problem.

Don't feel on your own. We all share that horrid feeling of wondering what's going to happen next and when, so whilst we may not have exactly what you have, we do know the way it takes the carpet from under your feet and shakes your confidence and ability to do things.

As Bob says, don't wait for things to happen. Make sure you get an understanding of what to do when your heart misbehaves so that you can be in charge and in control of it.


Hi Bigleg - I've just read part one of the first book you recommended and am impressed. It's the first time I've ever seen the benefits of magnesium, and how best to take it, explained so clearly and by a doctor who has cured herself of AF.

This morning I'm taking some magnesium citrate (I had it in my cupboard) dissolved in water to see if I can take magnesium this way. I think your post deserves it's own slot as a post on it's own to inform others and for comments.


Reply - re Dr Carolyn Deane's disqualification as a medical practitioner.


Having read this I would be very wary of any advice given by this doctor.

I do use magnesium oil spray but not sure if it makes any difference.

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Nearly every Doctor who has written about an alternative to western medicine approach has had a complaint from their medical colleagues made against them, as far as I can see.

Quack watch only report these complaint procedures and the findings of various medical boards worldwide. I think it a useful site to check various doctors clinical and academic peer reviews. Some of the complaints tend to be minor whereas some are quite substantial.

What worries me most by the action against Carolyn Dean was that she didn't hang around to defend herself or her theories nor did she reapply for a licence to practice again in Canada.

That is not to say the advice given is poor, just that it wasn't substantiated.

I think it useful to always be aware that often that complaints are made because of insufficient evidence backing up claims made or research undertaken has been questionable.


Ellyhay I am sorry to hear about your scare but you don't mention if you were diagnosed as having Atrial Fibrillation. Tachycardia or rapid heart beat is something quite different as is anything to do with the right ventricle which deals with pumping blood through the pulmonary system so it may be that you have another problem. I do not think you should wait for things to happen but rather shake some trees and bang desks till you get a proper diagnosis and discover just what is wrong.



Important to see a rhythm specialist...pronto!


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