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RECENT EPISODE on 24 January 2020


Though I had experience of knocking sensation before but last Friday's episode was really dreadful after my dinner. On sitting I felt a pressure on mid-chest area, it was something like I have been locked from inside and can get relief if I have some belching. Noted the BP which was high 180/70 HR 78. No irregular beats. I took some antacids and got relief thereafter. But the episode had made me so anxious that I can't forget. On the following day it again occurred in the evening, soon I induce belching and within 20 minutes I did an ECG. It shows NSR with HR 71 and BP was 146/80. But one thing was written in the report " Interior antrolateral ST changes to R/O IHD. My local GP advised to take Sorbitrate 5 sublingual for that night. But my Cardiologist told me nothing to worry. But episodes again hit me in the night. Cardiologist advised me to do TROPONIN T. GP advised to check my TSH, sodium , potassium level. TROPONIN T is negative, TSH level is in the borderline. Na, K are normal.

My regular medicines are- Eltroxin 50, Ivabradine 5-twice daily, Telmisartan 40 and Aquazide 12.5, Clopidogrel 75, Atorvastatin 5.

Besides this my GP added Nitroglycerine 2.6 tablets twice daily. My ECHO,Angio all are normal. ECG always show NSR. Cardiologist says that I am absolutely OK. I have undergone Bilateral Hernia Surgery with Gall Bladder removal three months ago. i was monitored there thoroughly. I had episodes of two major AF 8 years ago that i previously posted.

Cardiologist telling me I don't require Nitroglycerine.

Now my BP is lying between 128/70 to 135/75 HR 56-72.

Can anyone have any answer? Do I need psychological treatment? I am in great fear.

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I fully understand your fear.

I had an a-fib attack about 3 weeks ago in Portugal. It took a week to even start to get over the anxiety - pretty normal IMO.

Your HR sounds well good. It's no fun I know but I think the worry does pass. Not right away but after a week or so after the anxiety does go.

Unfortunately heart problem + anxiety are married to each other. They both seem to feed off each other. I hope all goes well for you and things return to normal soon ;-)



Have the docs ruled out gastric reflux? One other thought, if it might be gastric reflux, usually they recommend not lying down for a couple hours after eating. In severe cases people elevate the head of their beds. Are you on any meds for indigestion?

das1234 in reply to Hidden

GERD was told by the Cardiologist. Pantoprazole 40 was prescribed when necessary. Now I have restarted the drug since last week.

Hidden in reply to das1234

Good. I hope it all settles down for you💜

Hello, sorry you are feeling so fearful, however I have recently had three bad experiences, plus other things resulting in my having a dreadful feeling of fright/ fear in my stomach with severe agitation, visited the Doc who gave me Diazepam for a short while giving me time to overcome the scares I had regarding my heart.

So far feeling a bit more relaxed but unable to calm down completely, hoping for better things soon.

I hope you feel better soon, it’s bad enough with all the health problems without the fear as well. Good luck.

das1234 in reply to Hatten28

Thank you. My GP has prescribed Alprazolam with Melatonin combination drug.

Hatten28 in reply to das1234

So glad you are getting help.

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