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Excellent Article on Magnesium


Well worth a read. Anyone with arrhythmias that isn’t on magnesium should be, and by the sounds of it, so should a lot of other people.


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Thank you for sharing the article. It was an excellent read. I am on magnesium supplements now but after reading this I might have to up my dosage. I can say that since starting magnesium my ectopic beats have calmed down considerably and definitely recommend taking it. I take magnesium taurate which I was told was best for those with heart issues.

In the last few days my Facebook has shown reports that " fluoride kills magnesium." Maybe I should rethink which brand of toothpaste I use. My Welsh Water does not have added fluoride.

I found when I was taking Mag Taurate it was actually increasing my ectopics, so I have a few pots sitting there on the side now!

Do you still take Magnesium?

Nope, cannot be bothered. I should finish what I bought really, but it seemed to make things worse not better!

sorry to hear that mate, how long when you started taking it things got worse? i started taking a fish oil supplement which made me worse after 4 days

Yikes sorry to hear you can’t take it. I have heard of another person who can’t so it’s not one size fits all it would seem.

My Cardio advised not to take it unless I was deficient.

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did the do the expensive "proper" test to let you know?

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My EP said I should be taking it and within a few days of taking it my heart was calmer. I take it at night and I’m sleeping better than I have in years

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This is the problem with different opinions and advice, difficult to choose the right bit of info, even my Cardio and EP can't agree !

YES my heart has really calmed down since starting Magnesium. It is needed, as every cell in the heart requires this mneral.

yep, my wife doesn't have AF but sleeps so much better since I suggested that she take magnesium

Just read the article Kaz747, very interesting. I started taking a mag supplement but stopped for a week and now my night leg cramps have returned so will be back on it today! Also seems to keep my heart steady so seems to be worthwhile.

All the best for a healthy 2020.


Very interesting, Kaz, thank you :)

I have been using a transdermal magnesium supplement (putting it on my skin each day) which I’m convinced is making a big difference. My EP, cardiologist, gastroenterologist and GP deny theres any benefit to taking a magnesium supplement at all. (But Dr Sanjay Gupta and my own experience say otherwise!)

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Yes in my experiment of one (my personal experience) I have confirmed it makes a difference. Thankfully my medical team are supportive.

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