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"Heart Calm" supplement

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Hello everyone,

I'm grateful to be feeling more like myself again today, after yesterday's adventure with Flecainide. Something has definitely shifted in me with regard to my tolerance for Flec. It's like it shuts down 1/3 of my personality and I feel like a zombie, along with feeling anxious and depressed. Not much fun!

So I dug back into research I started a few months ago in the interest of seeing what else I can do to support my heart. I've decided to begin with making sure I have enough magnesium, potassium and taurine, which I've read are important to heart health. I do drink the Calm magnesium supplement, but have wondered if I'm actually absorbing enough of it. I thought you might be interested in learning about Heart Calm, which I learned about a few months ago from another forum.


I bought it a few months ago, when I was taking some Chinese herbal formulations, but took a break from it when I decided to quit with the herbs. Something was aggravating my heart and I wanted a fresh start.

So after this nice break and seeing that now even PIP Flec seems to be too much, I've decided to try it again. I do notice a difference already, a subtle sense of my heart being more energized and yet also calm. We'll see what unfolds.

Has anyone else taken this supplement?

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sleeksheep profile image

I take Natures Own 300mg of elemental magnesium and Swisse 300mg CoQ10 . I had to switch the CoQ10 to morning as it really makes me wide awake.

Never taken Taurine but it seems to be a relaxant which would counter CoQ10 so I may try it at night .

Potassium is not allowed with two of my drugs and is contrary to heart health if too high a dose is taken. So I wouldnt take any supplement with potassium .

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