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Does Flecainide reduce your Magnesium levels

Has anybody on Flecainide checked their Red Cell Magnesium levels? Over a 3 year period I have taken extra Mg and had regular 6 monthly level tests and still I struggle to get into the recommended range (2.08 - 3.0).

This issue may be important to some as I suspect many are on Flecainide but don't take Mg supplement, which could explain why for some Flecainide only seems to work for a time because the Flec whilst dealing with the immediate AF problem could actually at the same time be reducing Mg and building a requirement for a bigger Flec dose.

Notes: The Red Cell Mg test is more indicative than the regular Mg test your GP will do (which almost always comes out normal) and in the UK can be done through BIoLab London. My results since starting Flec (2 x 100mg/day) have been 2.16, 1.97, 2.45, 2.02, 2.35 & today 1.90. My Mg daily dose is up to a level when my stools become more mobile.

Thanks as always for your thoughts.

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I think a pharmacists would be able to advise you with this question. It is not something I have heard over the years but nothing is impossible with AF. I do know that the type of Mg supplement you take is important as many over the counter products are not readily absorbed and pass out in the way you describe with little benefit.


Thanks Bob, I am taking, I hope, quality Mg supplements advised by experienced Alternative Practitioners. Enjoy your day.


Word on The Rialto (Merchant of Venice sc1---feeling poetic today ) is mg Taurate is best. Oxide not very well absorbed and mostly excreted. Most brands are oxide.

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I agree entirely with your summation - unfortunately in UK the whole procedure to get RBC Magnesium levels is complicated and only offered privately and as far as I know, only 2 labs in the U.K. offer this test.


Thanks CDreamer, my Naturopath is now suggesting a weekly Epsom Salts bath with 400gms to try and get the level up. I understand the water shouldn't be too hot and that the Epsom Salts can be bought cheaper at your local Equine Supplies store as doesn't have to be 'food grade'.


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