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just took my first 50mg of flecinide after 4months

hello feeling nervous but just took my first 50mg of flecinide after coming off it 4 months ago , as for four days have been feeling my heart beat all day long ,and feel like its in my throat , feels a bit stronger aswell , waiting for flec to kick in but am nervous sounds silly ,but when I was on flecinide before my ablation and after everything was calm

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Will be interested to hear how you get on with flecainide. It's been suggested that I may be prescribed this.

Hope it calms your heart, it's not nice to be constantly aware of a very strong beat. Do you have atrial flutter? I have AF and atrial flutter and once the AF goes and it's just flutter I too have that very strong heartbeat. It keeps me awake when I go to bed.


After trying 4 different beta blockers I was prescribed Flecainide. It wasn't a miracle cure but it did suit me better than anything else. Now, post- ablation I have a store of it to use as a pill-in-the-pocket ie 100 Flecainide and 2.5 Bisoprolol. I have only had to use it once but normality was restored after 90mins.


Hi Duckpopper, I too would be interested to hear how you get on. I am new here with just one severe bout of AF 4 weeks ago.


I have been on flecinide before my ablation , and found it very good didn't want to come of it ,it realy settled my heart so id say give it a try .im still getting that strong feeling of heart beating at min but only took it 2 hrs ago .

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Hello Duckpopper,

I have PAF,was prescribed Flecainide as "Pill in Pocket" 300mg.only when I have an episode,this works wonders for me,within 40mins,sometimes a little longer,I cardiovert back to normal,I feel so much safer having the pill in pocket.



How are you feeling now?


hello im still getting that feeling of my heart but has settled slightly , but was told it may take some time for flecinide to work again ? iam realy a worrier and suffer with anxiety ,so have been prescribed 2 mg of diazepam to try and relax me but don't know what to do , iam on 2.5 of bisoprolol 50 mg twice aday of flecinide so wonder just how I will feel , would realy love this heart beat feeling and also feels like in my throat to stop .its just realy worrying me


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