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Christmas is over for another year


We had 15 people for lunch and 9 for dinner, which was just leftovers from lunch. The weather was perfect and it was wonderful to spend the day “relaxing” with family. My heart had a few runs of AF and at least one episode of tachycardia with my heart around 120 bpm for half an hour. I didn’t feel too bad though for most of the day. I’m ready for bed now. I hope you’ve all had a good day too 🎄🎁

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Rest well and look forward to many more calm days Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Great to hear you have had a good day in spite of odd skitterings. My tests are starting tomorrow. Helping d in law with lunch at hers ( her request) then Thursday till Sunday daughter and family with 14 yr old at present laid on their sofa with high temp and cough!

All good stuff just breathe I guess!

I worked a 2 till 8 pm shift today so no Christmas. Dinner for me Glad you had a lovely day

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is for me to grasp the concept of Christmas in summer 😳🤪

And it would freak me out to see the sun going right to left 🤯. It would be enough to make me go into NSR.

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I wanted to post a picture here but couldn’t so have done a separate post 😎

Sounds like a lovely family Christmas.

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