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Another SVT

Didn't have any SVT episodes since two weeks now , suddenly today i feel my heart dancing from time to time since morning , I ignored it and went to salon for body massage , I was trying to relax , but no way SVT started after lunch

It is since 30 min , I had a another dose of sotalol as per my doctor advise , hope it will end it soon ( usually end within 30 min after the dose )

I started to feel dizzy , pressure in the ears , hot flashes in my head , chest tightness and heaviness

My BP is acceptable but the pulse is around 100 , I had my zanax pill also , it is not so sever attack like the last one but so annoying as all of you aware

Some days i feel from the morning that it will be a bad day and it ends like that , usually I feel those episodes in advance and I changed my day plan accordingly , do you feel the same ?

Praying hardly that second ablation will end my suffering soon.

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Hi Maitha,

So sorry to hear that you are having another bad day. I know it's hard but try to concentrate on relaxing, again!

Hope you feel better soon.

Wishing you well



Hi Maitha - Sorry to hear you're having another bad episode. How are you feeling today and do you have a date for your ablation?



Thank you dear

I'm currently preparing for my treatment abroad , to have another EP study and to treat both SVT and VT

Today I'm better thank god , actually I feel a lot better recently after the third month after my ablation , still few bad episodes but not daily as before

Take care and keep in touch



Hi Maitha,

Sending hugs and hoping you feel better soon!


Sorry you are unwell, Sending a hug and hope you revert back to NSR soon.


Thank you all for the kind support

I'm better today , actually a lot better than I finished 3months after ablation .

No flutter and the SVT less frequent , ectopic days so what's are really so bad

I already obtained our health authority approval to get treated abroad , and currently papers under process , not before Christmas for sure

I'm more worried about the recorded VT ( 4-8 ) ectopic beats together had been recorded , even my doctor told me it is common in cases like me since imps been through two open heart surgeries earlier , not sure that he is right since I was not that bad before the last couple of years

Hope everything will be ok soon

Wish you all the best



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