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Does flying make your condition worse

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Hi all, I was wondering if a short flight to Spain would have any effect on my ectopic beats. They are somewhat under control with Mag Taurate but obviously I will mention to the Doc that I want to fly. I have flown numerous times before having ectopic beats and I am a slightly nervous flyer anyway but was just wondering if anyone is a frequent traveller with this condition.

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As far as I know it shouldn’t be a problem but it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor. Drink plenty of water, keep off the alcohol and allow plenty of time to minimise stress levels and have a great time.....

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Thanks Flapjack, I never ever drink when flying and have clocked up some flying miles back and forth Australia. New Zealand and USA. I have however had slight panic attacks and that is horrid in itself but it’s like feel the fear and do it anyway. I will mention to the Doc it’s only just over 2 hours flying time so hope it’s not a problem would hate for this diagnosis to curb my adventures!

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Just don’t forget to pack your magnesium taurate!...😉

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I don't know much but I flew long haul 3 weeks after my cardioversion with so far, no problem but jetlag

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Like you, I’m a bit of a nervous flyer. In fact, I hate flying. But I don’t let that stop me going where I want to go. Have now flown quite a bit since ablations, but still a bit wobbly heart... and all has gone well. I do keep my meds handy and also take a bit of alprazolam to relax and hopefully sleep. I don’t plan to hit the ground running anymore though. I have to give in to the exhaustion and rest after long haul flights. Enjoy sunny Spain!!

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