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Anyone had an ablation and keep suffering bad ectopic beats?

I'm Feeling really low at the moment as I keep having ectopic beats and I'm beginning to think it would have been better not to have had my last ablation.

I'm not sure though if I've become so anxious about it that I'm causing the ectopic beats myself as my nerves are in shreds at the moment.

I had anti depressants before when my arrythmia was diagnosed and I worried about it, now I'm wondering if I should go back to my GP and start on them again.

My ablation was only three weeks ago, has anyone else suffered anxiety with AF or flutter? It's just awful.

Many thanks for any replies. Hope everyone is having a good day. X

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Yes and no. I had an ablation for AF 10 years ago and it worked great till last year. Then I started getting clusters of ectopics and still do without the drugs. On a couple of occasions, I had a dreadful night and (with the advice of my GP) took a diazepam and lo and behold it worked both times. Not that the ectopics went away, just that by feeling calm due to the drugs, the ectopics went from being unbearable to just uncomfortable. So the symptoms were made a lot worse by the anxiety and now I know that, they don't bother me so much.

EP's tried various drugs on me and finally put me on Disopyramide which has worked 99% so far, almost no symptoms. Just waiting to see what the catch is!!!!

Know how you feel, hope you get a result soon



This sounds just like me at the moment Koll, just can't sleep and my heart is pounding away, then fluttering, sometimes I feel I can hardly breathe, I think a nice warm bath this evening and an early night.

Great advice about the Diazepam, I think if it keeps up the way it is I'll ask my GP for a few.

I just need to calm down and try to let the body sort itself after the ablation.

I'm so grateful for the people on this site that take the time to post their own experiences with this dreaded condition.

Thanks for your reply Koll, hope you've had a good day. X

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If you had your ablation three weeks ago you are worrying for no reason. It takes at least three MONTHS for things to settle down and you will have some odd things in that time. Ask again in six months and you might get a different answer. I still get ectopics but they are NOT AF and everybody gets them. The problem is we AFers are too darned obsessed with what our hearts are doing !



Thanks so much for your reply Bob, I know exactly what you mean by obsessed!! I can think of nothing else at the moment but I know that it's very early days yet for the heart to be healed, it's just that it seems after everything I eat or anything I do it starts again. I Just need to try to forget it for now and calm down. Thanks again. Happy days Afibbers!, x


Kimmieblue I got them for a while after my 1st ablation....they calmed down after a while now I find I get them if I'm unwell. Its perfectly normal. Give yourself at least 6 weeks and you'll see a difference again...your heart had had a shock give it time to heal and yes takes around 3 months fully.

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Thanks Loo, feeling a little better today, that dreaded thumping of the beat is less than it has been.

Hopefully it'll get better each day, I'm sure I'm expecting too much so quickly.

Hope you're having a good day.

Best regards. X


Hello, I had my successful first ablation in 2009 and consider myself 95% cured. But I still have occasional thumps and flutters and the odd day when I feel breathless or even a bit dizzy.

these symptoms seem to be mostly related to stress now, though fructose in my diet was also a major factor in increasing my PAF spells. During the first 6 months after my ablation I had two days with very bad tachycardia and felt really awful, but it does take several months for the heart to recover from the shock of the ablation, all that burning is hardly a gentle procedure after all.

I would say wait and see, and try not to worry ( easier said than done, I know) Bonnie

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Hi Bonnie

Great news 95% cured, long may it continue, you're giving me much hope. Feeling better today, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me.

All the best. X


I get loads of them every day, but I've finally convinced myself that that is all they are. Stress makes them worse and also if I'm very tired. I wish I could get out of the habit of taking my pulse every 5 minutes!

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I'm exactly the same, my other half says for goodness sake you'll wear that monitor out!! As soon as I feel my heart jumping I'm reaching for the pulse reader. I Have been stressed lately so as you said it could be affecting the recovery of my heart since the ablation.

Thanks for your reply, all the best. X


Hello everyone. I am 2 weeks post ablation for lone PAF. First few days I had missed/extra beats then things settled down but for the last 2 days I have had a few pains and strange flutterings, missed beats etc. I am now sat here hoping for things to settle down again. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi Mick.

Repost this as a new post, you'll get more replies with good advice, I just wanted to say I've been the same after each ablation, I'm not sure about your pain though, I can't say I suffered pain, just ectopics, missed beats and palps.

I should mention it to your GP.

Hope you're feeling a little better now.

All the best.



I had my 3rd ablation in December. At first I had a lot of ectopics. I spoke to the Cardologist and he just said I can't do anything about ectopics. I try to ignore them but easier said than done. I seem to get them when I am stressed, or after eating a meal. I have reduced alcohol to 1 glass occasionally, no cafiene. I love my wine but I know my heart doesn't! I had an episode of palpitations 3 weeks ago which lasted 1hr. After that my heart was bobbing about all over the place for a week then all by itself it went back to normal. The ECG showed atrial tachycardia/flutter

I'm sure we afibbers need to be patient(easier said than done). I am trying my best to remain calm but the slightest bump or strange feeling and I start to worry. I do take the odd diazepam to try and control my anxiety, but I don't want to take too many. I think that after ablation the heart is inflamed and because it can't take time off to recover it carries on doing its job. Now and then if it is put under stress. Like exercise, even going upstairs, having a cold and feeling unwell. Cafiene and alcohol it lets you know that it's trying to do a job under difficult circumstances.

So really I know that the AF hasn't come back and I should be grateful that it appears to have been cured. We're all different but people who haven't experienced AF and had ablations just don't understand how we feel. It's very hard but I'm sure time is a great healer and I'm hopeful for the future. I'm a but of an old bird! (73) but I'm trying to be positive and grateful. All the best


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