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After watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta's video a while back, I started taking magnesium pills. I ran out about a month ago and just didn't replace them. So I finally bought more and started taking them again two days ago and wow, I can really feel the difference in a positive way. I notice that my HR has lowered and I just feel better. I take other meds too but will make sure to keep taking magnesium always. Anyone else notice any differences?

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I take magnesium topical spray. I think it works well for me and has also improved my sleep

mbheart in reply to Alfieros

I've never heard of the topical spray -- I'll need to check into that.

hock217 in reply to Alfieros

I'm going to buy some. The night before last The man in the apt next door with an adjoining wall behind my bed was yelling about his 8 y.o. dtr to his wife at 1:00 am. It woke me up and I was upset over his ignorance in dealing with his dtrs issues. I could not fall back to sleep until 6 a.m. but at 4 a.m. wrote a note and slipped under their door informing him. I do not know if it was being woke, being upset, having insufficient sleep but a few hours after waking up I went to a yoga class, had a quick lunch and then to Physical Therapy. I felt my heart pounding half way through PT. They took my pulse = 111. My guess is my BP was also elevated. Last night was quiet and so is tonight. Since my degrees are in Psychology and Clinical Social Work, I was obsessing re intervention which was another variable. I did write on the note "You do not realize how deep and strong your voice is". I was upset because regardless of what his 8 yr old dtr did, loudly confronting his wife "you want to tell me she's not crazy? I can't take this anymore". He is young and works out compulsively in the gym every night. If his dtr has ADHD or is hyperactive....she inherited that from him. She has a lot of energy but is a delightful and smart and happy little girl. Oh my.....

Bmwpaul1971 in reply to hock217

Bloody neighbours can be so selfish and annoying

Polski in reply to hock217

It sounds as though you may have done that little girl some good. Worth a round of AF perhaps? Well done - and hope you're feeling much better very soon!

hock217 in reply to Polski

Thank you Polski. Yes I am feeling better and would like to suggest appropriate intervention as needed but doubt that intervention will be welcome. His hearing and respecting my needs is a good start. All I hear now is the lovely sound of rain....

Polski in reply to hock217

(You could pray that God gives you the opportunity . . .)

hock217 in reply to Polski

If I helped her...well worth a round of AF!

TamlaMotown in reply to Alfieros

Hi Alfieros. May I ask which brand you would recommend please. The spray appeals to me because the capsules look huge to swallow

Alemo27 in reply to Alfieros

Magnesium topical spray- where to buy and how to use? I wander if it help sleeping pattern.My estopics are getting often and I am taking Bisoprolol. So far gives result.


I also saw that video and started taking the capsules he recommended. At the time I was getting a lot of ectopic beats but at first didn't notice any change. A couple of months on and now into my third set of capsules and no ectopics.

3killeens in reply to SteM

Does it interfere with other meds ,thank you in advance

Are there any contra-indications the anyone knows of please?

BobDVolunteer in reply to Hindmarsh

Take too much and you will have the runs.

Badger2021 in reply to Hindmarsh

I believe that you need to know your kidney function is normal, since magnesium is excreted by the kidneys.

seasider18 in reply to Hindmarsh

I asked my EP about Magnesium. He said that he and his doctor wife had been discussing it but were unsure of its benefits although he has patients who swear by it. Unfortunately there have been no long term trials to give an answer and it ill be years before there are.

It seems to help many other conditions as well. He also made the point of its effect on the bowels.

hock217 in reply to seasider18

May I ask what effects or contraindications related to the bowels were.

mbheart in reply to hock217

Basically, if you take too much magnesium, you may have loose bowels or the runs. That's why I only take one pill (125 mg) at night which works for me.

Don't I know bob only had 1 a day after 3 days whooo don't do them now

Not suitable for everyone. Can cause stomach cramps and the runs. Spray seems to be easier to absorb for some folk.

I started a daily dose of magnesium citrate 7 months ago in desperation trying to cope with daily bouts of ectopics. Since starting it my heart is calmer and the ectopics much fewer. Nebivolol replacing Bisoprolol as a beta blocker also seems to have a calming effect - for me at any rate.

Interestingly, my cardiologist wasn’t convinced at all - but did say that magnesium had its uses in treating dangerous arrhythmias. That convinced me that it can affect heart rhythm. 🙂

Alemo27 in reply to Finvola

If you are on beta blocker ( I am on Bisoprolol) and your blood test don't show deficiency in Magnezium , do you still need to take it? And Magnezium citrate I couldn't find in drug store.What about spray? Do you think it's better?

Finvola in reply to Alemo27

I tried the spray and didn't like the sticky feeling which it left behind and so I tried powdered mag as an act of desperation - my ectopics were driving bouts of tachycardia and I felt I had nothing to lose! Apparently, the normal blood test for magnesium shows only the mag in the bloodstream but not the amount in the tissues - (think I've got that right). There are many threads about magnesium and some members have researched it widely.

Alemo27 in reply to Finvola

Thank you

Having ectopics now I would be interested but how do I know what sort and how much to take especially as I am very susceptible to stomach upsets?

Same here. I get mine from Amazon. Life extension brand. Mag cit. saw it on here. Good for purity. Some brands do not work

Yes due to this forum i take natures own magnesium

big difference has kept AF at bay for a year now

I take Magnesium citrate, 200 and definitely feel better for it. I saw a later video of Dr Gupta, and he no longer specifically recommends a certain make, as very expensive now, and also says that most magnesium combinations work.

I went into Lloyds pharmacy and the only magnesium they had available was magnesium orotate. Not sure whether it is doing anything. Does anybody know what is the best type for Afib. Also is there any point in taking it if I've got to the point of permanent Afib? Apart from the occassional bad week my symptoms are minimal.

I have felt generally better since using magnesium spray but there is conflicting research as to whether it is actually absorbed! It has certainly helped me and the spray is recommended by many. The research showed that the magnesium was only possibly absorbed through hair follicles.

Interesting but works for me. I also eat a lot of magnesium rich nuts and seeds and spinach ( and ate spinach regularly when on warfarin

I've taken Magnesium (Boots own) for several years together with vitamin E oil (this is supposed to aid absorption) to help stop restless legs - it's certainly very effective for that. I was diagnosed with AF much after so I really can't say whether it benefits my heart.

Magnesium Taurate has been advised, but the capsules are huge. And I find them very difficult to swallow, haven't so far found tablet, powder or liquid form of these and not sure if okay to open capsules as suppose there is a reason for them to be in this form!

mbheart in reply to Uniform96

That's what I take - Magnesium Taurate. And yes, they are huge capsules but I'm used to them now.

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