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Will my second ablation stop this?


Hello everyone-

45, paroxysmal for 1.5 years and had first ablation in January by Natale trainee who is highly experienced, etc. AFIB went wild this summer and had second ablation Wednesday. Turns out the initial burns were in perfect conditon, and that the AFIB jumped to a new area in the middle of my heart. Doc then burned it. I’m confident the burns will hold. The LAA doesn’t have any electrical mishaps so he left it alone. I understand it’s the last place my AFIB could go. Since January I’ve lost 27 pounds, almost no alcohol, no caffeine, taking the supplements and walking many miles and yoga each week. I’m very frustrated that with all these positive changes it still forced itself to a new area in my heart, and frankly terrified it will do so again. Can anyone shed some light on this and reassure me? I was so sick all summer I feel like I have a bit of ptsd from this. I’m enjoying and thankful for the calm heart I have now- i just want it to stay this way. I can’t take the rhythm drugs so ablation is my only solution. Thanks so much for your input.


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Hi Tracy

Everyone's different so like most things what has worked for some won't work for someone else. Ablation has always been a therapy to reduce frequency/intensity of symptoms but not a cure. However some people manage to go AF free for a long time after ablations.

I had PVI ablation in July 2014. I needed another in December 2014.

I was relatively OK until Jan/Feb 2017 when I started having flutters etc again and it turned out to be Atrial Flutter. Which was ablated twice in September 2017 and December 2017.

This year has been the worst year for it, after coming of meds etc in the Feburary about 8 weeks post ablation it all started again. Only this time it's been the proper AF from 2014 coming back. I've had 5 cardioversions to get me back to "normal" this year alone.

If the PVI ablations caused the flutter, or the flutter has always been there and caused the AF he can't say. But I now await ablation number 5 (or technically AF ablation number 3) to investigate.

After the 4th ablation (2nd flutter ablation) I had high hopes as per follow up that he'd "got it all" and I should start to feel much better... only for the AF to come from the original problem area once again. To say it was gutting is an understatement.

You worry, you feel like you can't push yourself, it takes over every thought. You're "listening" and feeling for every possible indication of it kicking off again. It has always made me feel so lousy, wiped out. I'm now hoping if this 5th one works it'll make the episodes less intense and/or less frequent so I can at least get back to what I want to do in life.

Thanks Lincoln. I sure hope you get relief with this next one. I know what you mean about it taking over every thought. All of it is frustrating.


Hi Tracy. Difficult to be 100% about these things as we are all different. I had three ablations up till ten years ago when my AF stopped but I still get some other arrhythmias from time to time though hardly worth mentioning.

It must be understood that any and all treatment for AF is only ever about quality of life (QOL) and stopping symptoms as cure is not a word I associate with AF it being such a mongrel condition. Enjoy your now and don't question the future as none of us are guaranteed one or as I always say "Live every day as if it is your last as one day you will be right."

Your post has so much positivity, Dinodog - even though there is your watchful concern.

You have made some very impressive lifestyle changes which have been proven to help keep AF at bay and keep mind and body healthy. I don’t think anyone can predict where and when or if AF will return but your physicians seem to have done a great job in getting rid of the symptoms with the procedures you describe.

I too used to jump and panic each time my heart misbehaved - still do but I do my best to push it away. (I’ve been AF free for over four years on Flecainide.). One thing which helped me was telling myself that my AF will return but when it does, I’ll cope with it. That has stopped some of the worry and the middle if the night what-if’s.

Enjoy your calm heart and I hope you are free of the beast for many years.

Hi. I had ablation 2010 for PAF after 13 years on meds. Worked great until just recently. Now back on small dose of beta blockers. Thought 8 years free was pretty good.

MikeyF in reply to Franju

Who did your 2010 procedure please Franju?

You got this!

Just a hiccup

How are you feeling now?

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