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Second afib ablation on left side?

Hello. I am female age 74. I have had afib for 13 years. Had ablation for afib on left side of heart in 2012. Then ablation for flutter on right side in 2015. My cardiologist wants to do another ablation on left side at end of aug 2017 for afib. Has anyone had two ablation son left side for ablation and it was successfull? .? Please let me know

I am having it done in Ontario Canada at a very reputable hospital for heart surgeries.

Thank you. marney

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I had three all together up to 2008 since when I have been AF free. Since all AF ablation is in left atrium and flutter in the right, when both are present it is not uncommon for an EP to do both at the same time . The catheter arrives in the right atrium anyway so easy to do flutter on the way through. either going in or out.

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Thank you. That's good to know, I will discuss this with my doctor before he does the ablation.

It is really good to hear you are good since 2008. It gives me hope, as I have been full of anxiety for many years, and the meds don,t work for long, I get an episode almost every day now, some lasts one hour, others last 10 hours, then I seem to be good for sometimes as long as a week. I need a break.

Luckily my husband has been very supportive for all these years

Thanks again. Marny.


Hi Marney I have had two ablations into the left atrium in the last 8 months. The first was not a success with my heart reverting to A Fib within 5 hours of the op. The second, with a different EP, has so far been great. Much better recovery and now, 6 weeks post ablation, still no A Fib.

It really isn't that unusual to need more than one shot at it. If you saw the maps they make of your heart when they start this procedure, you would realise just how many areas there are in the left atrium that can potentially trigger A Fib.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Maggi. These comments help defuse my frustration. Not looking forward to my next ablation on aug 30, in a reputable hospital in ont. Canada that is known for heart surgeries. , however it is a must as I have afib almost every day lately. Thanks again , Marney.


Unfortunately, our Canadian hospitals do not have the cardio-insight vest which is probably still not approved as the U.S. recently approved it. Therefore, the Ontario Hospital probably has the 3D mapping which is not as accurate. Hopefully all the rogue signals in your left atrium will be ablated this time. Good luck!


Hi , I am still on for aug 30 for my second ablation for afib on left side. ( not to mention ,I had ablation for flutter on my right side last year)

Has any one else had good news after two ablations on right side for afib?


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