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Second Ablation in my four year journey with AFIB

Hi I am Grandma Vi and I just had my second ablation atrial flutter and atrial fib followed by two cardio versions. I feel like I have been through the wringer- I am Seventy years old, very active as I teach exercise classes. I am on new rhythm medication hopefully to be weaned off. My first ablation was ten months ago and I felt so great - was off Flecanide until March when I had another AFIB /well not really it was atrial flutter. I’m this second ablation the dr had a tough time with the atrial flutter and found more atrial fib- I am fearful of another ablation- hate taking the rhythm medication as I feel so drained .

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Hi Tantaanna, a lot of the forum members on this site have been in the exact position you are now. At one stage I was, but after two ablations my AF came back, I had a third ablation and must say it was either that or taking Flecainide that helped. Although I'm in permanent AF now it is nowhere near as bad as when it was PAF.

I would advise you not to worry about what may never happen. Or has something happened that has made you wonder if your AF is back?

Yes, we all hate taking medication and we certainly never saw ourselves in older age having to put up with AF and the awful tiredness. The only thing I find that comforts me is the fact that there are a lot worse things we could have, cancer or losing a limb for example.

Fingers crossed you will be well now.

Best wishes



I have just recently had nearly the same exact experience. I'm a 65 year old woman that had a-fib. I got tired of the meds, so opted to have ablation 5 months ago. A-fib gone, but ended up in ER with atrial flutter at the end of February. I received two cardioversions, which didn't stick. Next day, I had my second ablation, which was successful in ridding me of the atrial flutter. As the weeks passed, I began to get more and more breathless, weak and lightheaded. I was found to have an accelerated junctional rhythm. My blood pressure has been dropping low until the last week. I'm just now starting to feel better. The hope is that the junctional rhythm will resolve itself within the "blanking" period. Hopefully, this is a good sign. I figure I'm several weeks further along than you. You still have time for it all to resolve. I'm still hopeful we'll both be done with this once and for all.


Well let’s stay in touch - one week out from having ablation and two cardio versions- new rhythm drug still giving me low energy- trying to move on and hopefully disease will be lowered


I’m glad to find someone I can compare symptoms with. 😁 Its hard to be optimistic after developing the atrial flutter. I was weaned off flecainide before second ablation. A couple of weeks ago the metropolol was stopped too since my BP was dropping so low. Now I’m only on the blood thinner (Pradaxa). My heart is calm when sitting around, but doesn’t seem to handle any exertion. I’ve quit alcohol and caffeine completely. Not pushing myself, so we’ll see.


I am hopeful my second ablation took care of the flutter. Although my EP said he had a hard time taking care of it along with more AFIB. At this point I just want to be able to lower the dosage on my anti rhythmic drug. It is a new one for me. I take it three times a day and about the time I get my energy back it’s time to take another dose. I keep myself going on with the classes I teach and activities. Good luck to you -stay in touch


If the atrial flutter is in the right atrium, the ablation is generally a lot easier and has a high success rate. If the atrial flutter is in the left atrium, the procedure is generally more difficult. In terms of your AF which was probably in the left atrium, was there a re connection of the tissues. So were both your ablations for atrial flutter and AF in the left atrium?


You know I guess I don’t know the answers/ which leads me to think I should know more . Don’t know that I read a report. Verbal reports are not as easy to remember, I do know The first ablation was only for AFIB in right atrium and he removed this cluster that had bothered me since 2008 - was like a skipped beat and then it had to catch up. Think it was called pvc- I took metoprolol ( only med I had) from 2008 till 2016. Was taken off it cuz heart rate and no went too low when I used flecanide as pill in pocket approach


It’s been five months since we posted. How have things turned out for you? My junctions rhythm resolved on its own, but started having flutter again in July. I had a cardioversion and it has not come back, just some pvc’s or pac’s. 🤷‍♀️ I’m off all drugs except Pradaxa as a blood thinner. I’m feeling much better but not yet at my baseline. I get winded when I bend over or go up stairs. This week I’ve started on the bicycle and lifting weights a bit. My nurse practitioner says my hearts been through alot so it’s not surprising I’m not yet feeling energetic. I’ve got flecainide as a pill in a pocket but have only used it twice. Hoping you’ll see this and update. I know it’s hard to remember timeline when you have such a whirlwind of procedures in one year.


The answers are not for me: they are for you. In my case, I had two ablations four months apart. The first was both in the right and left atria. In the left atria, the four pulmonary veins were ablated plus four rogue areas. Due to edema, not all could be ablated the first time, as the procedure was very long. In the second ablation, only the left atrium was addressed with perimital flutter ablation and ablation of reconnected areas.


Thank you for your reply. I know the answers are not for me- thank you for your info- it is helpful


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