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Afib is back awaiting 2nd ablation


45 years old generally healthy but need to lose 25 more pounds- down 25 since first ablation. Had ablation in January and did well until this summer when it all fell apart. Just confirmed on monitor that it’s back. My local EP says he can see on the ekg that two of the burned pathways reconnected. I’m hoping to get my second ablation with the same guy in NY next month who is a highly experienced EP trained under the infamous Natale. He also did my first.

I’m far more symptomatic than I ever was initially and have 3 young kids to care for. I’ve developed anxiety and depression as a result of these nasty debilitating episodes I’ve had this summer. Has anyone had a similar situation and success with the touch up? I’m trying to be positive but am terrified that this is my new life. Is it true that the touch up is easier and more likely to succeed? I have structurally normal heart. Thanks guys this forum is wonderful.

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I had three ablations up till ten years ago since when I have been AF free but do still have very occasional arrhythmias of a different type (ectopics and or tachycardia) .

Ablation is not a cure for AF merely improves quality of life (QOL) but for me was a life saver as without it I may not have been able to have the cancer operation I did seven years ago.

You may want to ask about lifestyle changes and anymore you can do in that area ! I like you lost a stone and a half which basically cured me of high blood pressure I also improved my diet and got my cholesterol well under 5 ! Also do you take a magnesium supplement ? Many people find that helps as well ! Also good sleep is key for afib ! Just try and hit it from every perspective and it doubles your chances of success ! Good luck !

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Thanks Andy. I do take 400 mg magnesium glycinate chelate. I’ve started yoga, acupuncture, and am walking 4 miles 4 days a week. I totally agree that lifestyle changes are critical- and hope they help my next ablation be a success!

May I ask who did your ablation in New York?

Dibiase at montefiore.

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