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What is the difference?


Difference between .5mg and 0.5? My past prescription was klonopin 0.5 (Yellow round) My pharmacy says they cant get it from the supplier anymore so I was given 1mg tablets (blue round) so I cut it in half making it a .5mg right? I don't know why this confuses me. :) i was taking it for anxiety, as needed, now I'm taking it for RLS (restless leg syndrome) as a sleep aid. RLS affects so many, no one is working on a cure. I know Magnesium helps and vitamin D3. Who knew? It's not just my legs it's sometimes my whole body. Horrible

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No difference at all.

Your pharmacy is right .5mg and 0.5mg are exactly the same.

Hi they are the same.

They are the same but I think printing 0.5mg is safer and the . Could be easily missed

Looking at it now u feel silly. Of course there is no difference . I must have been half asleep. It's all resolved now. Not ordering the 1mg anymore. Thanks for your help.

I was taking klonopin for years for sleep. Then I read that klonopin can cause RLS, which I have. Weaned off klonopin and started magnesium rubs, pills. I get some relief:)