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The room going round and round

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It's a long time since I posted anything, sorry about that.

I have had AF for goodness how long. After 3 failed cardioversions I have been on Dioxin, Dabigatran and Ramipril. dropping Bisoporol has made a difference and I can now walk about a mile before breathlessness starts. Basically I can function ok, taking into account age nearly the big 80.

Anyway what has happened, when I was standing up after sitting for a while I felt a bit unsteady. I put this down to AF. Held onto the table , waited a bit and was ok. Then at the end of last year I got up and the room stared to go round and round I really thought that was the end. I managed to lie down and shut my eyes and it eventually stopped., it happened again a few weeks later so I went to the Doc.

I am now waiting for an appointment with E.N.T the Doc thinks it was Vertigo. Just goes to show once you have AF it's so easy to blame everything on AF

Happy New Year to you all (bit late I know)

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I have had infrequent attacks of vertigo since having viral labrinthitis about six years ago so I sympathise. Mine seldom last more than a day or two but can be quite dibilitating.

Happy New year to you too! It does sound like vertigo,and yes you are right,AFib gets the blame every time!hope you are better soon

Happy 2019 too! Like Bob, I had viral labyrinthitis about 3 or 4 years ago and it has recurred in decreasing severity several times since then. My GP said that because it is viral in origin, there is no treatment other than anti-sicknes tabs if the nausea is very bad.

Avoiding quick head turns does help but it is rotten.

I think we do tend to blame AF for other symptoms. I was diagnosed in October last year and despite many trips to A&E couldn't get respite from a bursting sensation in the head which coincided with the palpitations. Turned out it wasn't the AF but too high a dose of beta blockers which a random doctor worked out 6 weeks later.

I also had severe vertigo but that was sorted in seconds by an ENT doc who performed the Brandt Daroff maneuver. I'd tried the Epley treatment with no improvement.

Hope you get it sorted ; vertigo at its worst can be pretty terrifying ! xx

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Ianc2 in reply to cat3

O.K. You got me . The Brandt Daroff manoeuvre?

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rjr681 in reply to Ianc2

Got me too. Perhaps they will tell me when I go to see them at ENT. Hope it's not that thing where you put bells on your ankle and wave a handkerchief

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cat3 in reply to rjr681

Bells on the ankles......handkerchief.....? 😳 Mmm

No, it's very similar to the Epley but the positioning is different. It was conducted by the ENT doctor whilst a nurse stood beside me to stop me falling off the bed.

The procedure took around 15 minutes and, though I was dizzy afterwards (good thing I was accompanied as I might have had a problem driving home) I found a massive improvement once my balance settled and haven't been this free of dizziness in years.

I'll always have a balance problem (legacy of a brain haemorrhage) so I imagine others would get even more noticeable results ; I certainly recommend it. Cat x

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cat3 in reply to cat3

PS, they provide a manual for practising it at home if needed (I haven't after 7 months) but you'll need assistance to hold your head and keep you from falling as the dizzier you feel during the procedure the more successful it'll be ! They discovered my blockage was predominantly one sided as only had 'spinning' sensation when on that side.

Great sympathies with you for this horrid condition My husband suffers from it and has regular attacks which leave him so debilitated. The only treatment offered is rest and anti sickness drugs. Hope you are better soon

I used to get vertigo regularly and, yes, it's awful and takes a while to stop. A look into my ears showed that I have a tilted eardrum in my left ear which means I can more easily get infections on this side. However, I noticed a couple of times that the vertigo occurred after washing my hair. I thought it was just a coincidence but decided to use an ear plug in my left ear every time I washed my hair and/or showered and, hey presto! no more vertigo...unless I don't make sure the plug is in properly. This has only happened twice in the several years that I have been using an ear plug. The ones for swimming are the best. I must admit, I was quite angry that no doctor had mentioned the fact that getting a little bit of water into my ear might be the cause of my regular cases of vertigo when there was no infection....and I have only had an infection once since starting to use the ear plug....yes, after one of the times I didn't put the plug in properly! Of course, this may not be the reason other folks get vertigo. Using ear plugs when showering stopped my brother-in-law's vertigo when he started suffering from it, too! I hope it helps some of's such a simple solution for some.

Meniere's syndrome is very common,

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