What painkillers can I take?

I've put my back out (ow)... I'm on bisoprolol and warfarin and have no idea what painkillers I can take, I'm not much into taking them. Back hasn't gone out in years but now I'm waltzing round like a crippled crab. I presume aspirin is a no-no and the same for ibuprofen. I have some elderly co-dydramol... Anyone know? I've left a message with the doc but he won't be around for hours...


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  • Paracetemol; is about all you can take without checking with your doctor although I have taken tramadol with no problems. NO ibuprophen!!!! I suffer with sciatica so sympathise big time.


  • Thanks Bob! I will have a rootle around in the cupboard and see if I can unearth some :)

  • Oh and happy birthday!!!

  • Paracetamol - but suggest you discuss dosage with your doctor.


  • Thanks Lance! He'll be around about 1pm, the surgery said... I am dosing myself with chocolate until then. Doesn't do a whole lot for the pain but it's making me happier!


  • I take bog standard paracetamol for my osteoarthritis in the knee when it flares up.

    Doc said it was ok to take as long as not to so for long (?) periods.

    Co codamol seems same but not asked him about that.

    Hope pain goes soon

  • Thanks R11, so do I, darn thing, has been fine for years and today, I just bent down to pick something up. As if AF wasn't enough!


  • Yep. my GP said OK to Co-codamol, R1 and it does the job for me.

  • Cheers

  • I take co-codamol as prescribed by my doctor. He has also said it's ok to use the ibuprofen gel in moderation, which may help. My sympathies!

  • Thanks Lizzo, I think my hubby has some ibuprofen gel squirrelled away somewhere, if the doc gives me the okay I will use that... It would be nice to get the okay on the co-dydramol, they're rather good painkillers, but will have to wait for approval.


  • Oh Lis, how miserable for you. There's nothing like back pain to make you feel ancient!

    I'm pretty sure Paracetamol is OK and I'm always buying those Deep Heat patches that stick on your back. They're for my daughter who says they keep her going when she's running the bar! Another way of resting the back is to lie on a rug on the floor with your feet up on an armchair or sofa. I love doing this anyway because I'm a lazy git......hahaha!

    I hope you feel more comfortable real soon xx

  • Thank you Mamamarilyn :) Yes, I feel about 80 today. I'd love to lie on a rug on the floor but the dogs would think I was playing and jump up and down on me, which is not as much fun as it sounds! I do like the idea of the Deep Heat patches, I will ask the old man if he can pick some up on his travels today...


  • Hi Lis , I have been given codeine/paracetamol combination for occasional joint pains. I think that is about all you can normally take but you can go up to 30mg in the codeine dept. Do hope you get better soon. It is usually better to keep moving even though it,s probably the last thing you feel like. Sandra

  • Hi Sandra, thank you... Yes, the doctors do like people to keep moving I know, and with these dogs I doubt I will get to sit around too much! If only I could attach some chocolate to a piece of string and dangle it in front of my nose, to encourage myself :)


  • Lis,

    To be honest this sort of decision should be made by a healthcare professional. However if you consult your local chemist and tell them what you are on you should get some help OK. For me - in this situation I have been prescribed Co-Codomol 30/500. This is prescription strength so you'll only get it from your GP. For my back trouble/pain - anything of a lesser strength doesn't even touch the pain. Go to Patient UK or NHS and do a search on Co-Codomol 30/500 for more info. Its has a kick though !

    Aussie John

  • Thanks John, yes, co-codamol would do the trick I'm sure, it's related to co-dydramol I think isn't it? I will give it a search on Patient UK. I hope when the doc gets in touch later he will give me something reasonably strong. I used to find if I can take one dose of something decent the pain backs off and I can get back to normal... Whatever that is nowadays, haha...

  • Lis. My husband lies flat on the floor with his back problems and swears by this. He is usually investigated by the cats when this happens!! Sandra

  • Yes, the dogs are very interested if I try to do anything funny like yoga or pilates, if they didn't weigh 80lb and 100lb respectively that would be a lot more fun I'm sure! Perhaps it would be like that Far Eastern therapy where people walk on your back...


  • Hi Lis, I agree with Aussie John, Co-Codamol on prescription appears to be the best pain killer. I know as I suffer with osteoporosis which caused 8 spinal fractures, pelvic and sternum fractures and stress fractures in the legs and this pain relief is the only one that takes the edge off the pain. My sympathy for your pain, it is awful at times together with the AFib, I think Him up there must feel we can cope with everything He throws at us!! My good news is I have a date for having pace and ablate which is the 30th April. Can't wait for my heart to get back into SR!

    Best wishes to you and hope you get some relief very soon. Let us know how you are getting on.


  • Hi Ang3l, I just spoke to the doctor and he said he'd leave me a prescription (now just need to persuade hubby to pick it up!). He said anything with a combination of paracetamol and codeine would be okay and said there are also over-the-counter painkillers like Solpadol, though he said that is very strong. I am so sorry to hear about your osteoporosis, that must be incredibly painful - as you say, so much at once, someone must think we're Superman (or woman!).

    Best of luck with your pace and ablate, and do let us know how that goes... While I try to find a noble volunteer to get the prescription, a little light digging in the medicine cabinet has just turned up some codeine tablets so I have taken a couple of those... I hate taking extra tablets, I always feel I rattle anyway with all the bits and bobs, but with a bit of luck these will do the trick and I can keep the prescription for a rainy day :)

  • Hi Lis

    I think Parametamol is your best bet. Ibuprofen a definite no no, my cardiologist told me to never take it again. I have had tramadol which eased the pain but sent me off into la la land, did the same thing to my daughter, would rather have the pain, however some people get along with it very well.



  • Hi Dee, I've unearthed some paracetamol too and I think when these codeine wear off I will go onto them. I hate taking tablets of any sort, so the fewer the better! I understand Tramadol acts a bit like codeine, which makes me feel a bit unreal (be interesting to see how my work goes!). Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it - thank you everyone...


  • I was told paracetemol by my gp but NHS web site says no more than 5 per week as they can effect INR. So if taking any thing like this even with gp approval I would say get blood tested.

  • Ahhh thank you lally, I will take care then and not overdo it. I'm not due an INR test till 10 April, so I'd better be cautious...

  • 8/500 Co-codamol with paracetamol are good, it usually takes the edge off and still leaves feeling in on control.

  • Thanks poppyseed, that sounds like a good combination, that is all I need really, to take the edge off :)

  • Same here I take Co-Codamol 30 but have them on scripts

  • Sounds like a good idea Offcut, hopefully that or something like it will be what the doctor has prescribed...

  • Lis.

    Paracetamol will do the trick that's what my Dr told me to take if need be.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your back hope its better soon.

    You take care now.

    My blood results Wed afternoon NRI 3 at the moment.


  • Thanks Christo - the tablets have helped, at least they've taken the edge off and hopefully in a couple of days it will be as good as, I nearly said new, but as old anyway! 3 is good, best of luck for the test, I have my fingers crossed - you take care too!


  • Good luck with your back pain. With cardiac involvement of any sort, I would strongly advise against taking anything stronger than paracetamol until examination and consideration of your general medical condition by a doctor. Every surgery keeps time back for same-day emergency appointments. Until then, a pharmacist can advise if the full dose of 2 x 4times daily is indicated, and whether a topical, rub-in anti-inflammatory would be helpful; heat packs should be comforting.

  • Thanks hobbledehoye, the doctor did get back to me when he could and left me a prescription for co-dydramol, which is codeine and paracetamol. It's helping, though I'm still walking like a crippled crab! He's keen for me not to take more than I have to, which I understand, so I am planning just to take some to get me going in the morning. I forgot to ask him about topical rubs... I am trying to sweet talk hubby into getting me some nice heat packs!


  • Lis.

    Good mornig to you.

    Hope you had a good nights sleep how are you feeling ?

    Take things steady if you can !


    PS : Results later on today have my fingers crossed !

  • Good morning Christo!

    Feeling good, just took my tablets so everything is fine thank you... I am definitely taking things steady! No mountain climbing or trapeze work today... I have my fingers crossed for your results as well, let me know how it goes :)


  • Lis.

    Hi blood results are....1.7 now to take 5mg per day ! Had been taking 5/4 every other day.

    I never thought it would go down like that, it was 3.0

    Anyway it's 5 mg each day, blood test on the 9th April

    Hope your still ok ? remember take things easy.


  • Hi Christo,

    Don't worry, I'm on 8mg a day, it seems to really vary from person to person and one time mine went down to that level as well. I think INR really varies a lot. I have a plan to always eat the same things on the two days before the test to try to ensure the result is always the same (could get boring!). My next blood test is on the 10th, so nearly the same time as yours... I am doing well thank you, back is feeling a lot better and I am definitely taking it easy - hope you are too!


  • I had similar situation here , I'm suffering deep pain in my back and shoulders since I reached cleveland , I think the cold plays major factor

    My EP doctor prescribed for me a drug called cyclobenzaprine HCI Which is similar combination prescribed by your doctor, only of two days then only when needed, it may cause drowsy ( I slept like a baby that night ;) )

    Try also hot patches which may help for sometime only


  • That sounds interesting Maitha, I've never heard of that... Some of these drugs do make you sleep well! I am trying to get hold of some of the heat patches. How are things going in Cleveland?


  • It is so cold here , yesterday it was snowing , we are not used to live in such freezing weather , I have stiffness neck and shoulders since I arrived here .

    I'm scheduled for second ablation 1st of April ,still wearing holter event recorder , reports shows frequent SVTs and PVCs which hope to be treated successfully through ablation as I'm praying for.

    Pray for me to go back home healthy and safely

    Hope you feel better now

  • I'm doing well thanks Maitha - all that cold weather must be very different for you! Parts of the US seem to have gone into the deep freeze, I don't think anyone can believe it. Best of luck with the second ablation, it's really good that the Holter monitor is showing everything and with a bit of luck that means they will be able to catch it all and cure it. You are in my prayers, let us all know how you go - not long now! Take care!


  • Lis.

    I'm not worried about the amount of meds I'm taking it's the INR, I would like it to be in spec before now.

    Next blood test 9th your the 10th so we shall see :-)


  • Ice pack for no more than 10 mins at a time will reduce any inflammation, whilst heat pads can feel comforting they don't actually do anything, hope it improves soon, nothing worse, poor you.

  • Thanks... I didn't know that! Learning some very useful things here. Back is feeling a tad better today, thank you, I will be racing around as usual soon :D

  • Good morning Lis.

    How are you doing ? I'm off for blood test this morning do you go on the 10th ? mine was 3 then it went to 1.7 not best pleased anyway bloods this morning then to hospital this afternoon for this heart scan.

    It looks a lovely day out here could think of better things I could be doing, I'm still walking when I can. ;-)

    Hope your keeping well.


  • Good morning Christo! I am doing well, how are you? My test is tomorrow (10th), I have to say I'm really nervous about it, I so want it to be in range... So sorry to hear yours went down, INR seems to just go anywhere it wants, doesn't it? What heart scan are you having, an echo cardiogram? They're great fun, well sort of lol. Yes, it's a lovely day here too, just trying to get into it - glad to hear you're still walking, I'm trying to keep fit too :)


  • Hi

    Yes echo, what do I expect not had this before.my pulse is playing its own tune so it's going to look good, I leave home at 2:15 hope to hear from you Before then would like to know what's it's going to be like, is It the same as a baby scan ?


  • The echo is fine Christo, it reminded me a bit of a baby scan (bouncing baby AF, haha). Very easy indeed, though you do have to wear a hospital gown for the procedure. What you see is a very grainy picture of your heart valve on a little screen, definitely not as good as The Voice or even Eastenders... It doesn't take terribly long, and of course your doctor will tell you the results some time afterwards. I quite enjoyed it to tell the truth, a little trip out and an opportunity for a nice walk through miles of hospital corridors!


  • Thank you for that.

    Do you always get the results while we are there ? Thought I would have to wait weeks should not have to as one can see what is going on at that time, so hoping I get to know if it's heart valves problems or not.... fingers crossed

    Bye for now, oh good luck with your INR I get my results Thursday, please let me know how you get on.


  • Sorry, I should have been clearer, no you won't get the results while you are there, I don't think, they have to go away and look at the little film that's been made and do measurements and such like, and it will be your own GP who will give you the news... Hoping it's not heart valve problems, got my fingers crossed for you too! Thanks re INR, I will let you know how it goes.

  • Lis

    Back home just have to wait for about two weeks for results could be worse !

    Just hope no problems as we have enough with my husband having cancer his blood count is going up this means this cancer is on the move again ! My bloods going down we can think of other thing we could be doing !

    Hope you had a good day..walking the dogs?


  • Hi Christo,

    Oh dear, I do hope that your husband is okay... Fingers tightly crossed for the tests! Two weeks is not bad - they measure the valves to make sure they are the right size, I think. I'm sure someone more expert could explain it better. One way of looking at it is that it's good they do these things, better caught sooner than later I guess! And if the test comes out clear it will be one less worry on your mind. I have had a good day thank you, just finished a feature - I'm not walking the dogs very much at the moment as one of them has just gone blind and it's quite difficult with two of them to make sure she's not waltzing off into a ditch. But she is enjoying capering round the garden still!


  • Hi Christo! Just been to see the nurse and the INR came in at 2.8, I'm really pleased. Don't have to go again for six weeks - although I can't be the only one who thinks that's really quite a long time... I hope you are okay today? Did you get a package from the AFA about the patient day in, I think, September and the raffle tickets? I'd love to go to the patient day...


  • Hi

    Good hear from you.

    pleased your INR was good how many Warfrain tablets are you having to take now ? Six weeks does seem a long time to wait maybe if your worried about it you could have it checked again. I rang for my results this lunch time they do not have them yet so will ring later.

    Don't think I shall have one of my walks today it's looking dull and quite cool, the idea of picking up a book seems a good one,the rest can wait ! Been out shopping this morning I'm a bit tired now.

    When I get my INR results will let you know. No I did not get this package from the AFA.


  • I seem to be on 8mg a day pretty constantly, it seems like a lot but I have heard of more... It's not that I want to go in more often, it just doesn't seem very often to check. Maybe I will try to save up for one of those self-check machines. May take a while but... Peace of mind and all that!

    I hope your results come soon, let me know when you get them and the INR results. Still got my fingers crossed. It's pretty dull here too, and I have to say shopping is enough to tire anyone, a good read sounds like a great idea. I am sure the details of the patient's day are out there, if not I can let you know if you like the idea of going. There are a lot of people from the forum it would be fun to meet, I think!


  • Lis.

    Rang three times today trying to find out my INR no luck, will find out on Friday morning I hope !


  • I hope so! They believe in taking their time, don't they...

  • Hi Lis.

    At last found out my INR what do you think .......2.1. I'm pleased with that staying on 5mg, next test 9th May.

    I'ts a lovely day here, we had a walk along the beach this morning did nothing else before that I may add !

    Your 2.8 is good as well, my Dr wants me to be between 2.0-3.0 are you the same ?

    Enjoy your day.


  • That's great Christo! I'm really pleased you were in range, trailing in every week is no fun is it? Yes, my doc wants me between 2 and 3 as well, it sounds like that's what a lot aim for... It's turning into a lovely day here as well, a walk along the beach sounds like the perfect start, I rather like the idea of a trip to the beach myself! I've been working, and then took some time off to make one of my little Fimo animals (baby panda). Hoping that will bake up nicely!

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


  • Hi

    Can someone please tell me is it the Bisoprolol or the Warfarin which means you can't take Ibuprofen. Pre diagnosis I am just on Bisoprolol. No one at the hospital, nor my GP, said anything about not taking certain painkillers, and it didn't occur to me to ask- I had other things on my mind after ending up in A&E all day!.

  • Hi angiek, I think it's the AF itself that's the problem, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen can trigger it. I bet you did have other things on your mind, but if you want some new info, look at this link... medscape.com/viewarticle/82...

  • Oh dear, that could be a problem then! Thank you for the link, will have a look now.

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