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Post cryoablation


Hello, I had a cryoablation done 9 days ago, and my recovery has been quite poor. The incision points are now healing but it appears my heart is not. For the past week, my af has actually gotten worse than prior to the procedure. My flec, which almost always converted me to nsr prior to ablation is now not working. I have a follow up tomorrow with my ep, but I must say - at this time, had I know things were going to get this bad, I would Not have had procedure done. Has anyone else had similar experience and is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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Far far too early to worry too much. It can take three to six months for the heart to recover and it is highly likely that this sort of thing will happen. Have you been having complete rest? WE usually say TV remote week one and week two you may make the tea.

PWidmann in reply to BobD

Hi Bob

Yes, I have not done anything since procedure. Just a little walking around house. I guess what is bothering me ( besides the ongoing 12 hr af episode) is that the flec is just not working. I have never had an episode last this long.

BobDVolunteer in reply to PWidmann

Ring your arrhythmia nurse or speak to your GP and get an ECG to e mail to your EP. It may not be AF but another arrhythmia. Don't worry about what does and doesn't sort it for now. As I said far too early but it would help them to see what it actually is.

Try not to worry, it is not unusual, I had 2 episodes within 2 weeks after my cryoablation but it did settle after that. The problem is the stress of worrying really doesn't help, which I know having been there, is easy to say!!

Yes, my first ablation made AF much worse - went for a second about 12 weeks later which worked but they were RF not cryo.

On the other hand, things may improve as Heart heals.

I agree with Bob. I'm 9 weeks post ablation and still having a mix of thumps and bumps. AF and Atrial Flutter were both diagnosed in the first few weeks . But slowly things improved, in fact at times almost imperceptibly. The arrhythmia nurses will guide you I'm sure. This procedure is a major irritant to be heart and understandably it reacts. Time is required and despite reading about how quick some people return to normal living I certainly didn't. Walking to the kitchen was an achievement early days. Now I can enjoy a decent walk but still have significant ectopics. Wishing you well and healing.


Are you sure you are in AFIB? I had an ablation Jan 29th and it was wonderful for 9 days then my heart kicked off arrhythmia worse than previous (I was on flecaindide pre ablation)

I had worse symptoms inc breathlessness. I assumed and my EP assumed it was AF but temporary - then it got worse I went to A&E they increased my Flec dose - it got worse!.

More detailed investigation ECG revealed I had ATRIAL FLUTTER. Flecainide makes atrial flutter worse!!!

Immediate action was to reduce the flecainide and then get another (simpler ablation) for he flutter 1 month after the first. The flutter was in the right atria not directly connected to the A fib in the left atria. and nothing to do with the first ablation.

I suggest you get to A&E and get someone to look carefully at your ECG to see if you have mainly A FIB or mainly Flutter, then they can decide on the meds.

best wishes

Please try not to worry, easier said than done I know. But you will get better. I felt exactly the same as you after my cyroablation last May and the day after I went into atrial tachycardia which felt awful and was very frightening. I had to go back into hospital for a cardioversion which also didn't work but I was put on amiodarone which put me back into sinus rhythm. I stayed on it for about 4 months and since then have stayed in normal sinus rhythm except for about four episodes. So although it seems as if you are in the middle of a dark tunnel with no light at the end, you will get there and you will start to feel better. Try and stay strong.


Be patient. It can take up to 6 months for scar tissue to form. That is what blocks the signals. Think about scar tissue and healing if you cut your arm. It takes a while. Ups and downs will occur. I go to the best electro cardiologist that exists. That is how he explained the process to me.

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