Post Cryoablation

Has anyone experienced a lot higher heart rate after this procedure. I am very concerned that my rate is over 100 on resting still although they discharged me with 135bpm last week? I am being told it should settle but was on Beta Blockers prior to procedure cannot get into see consultant until end August although private. I am also very tired is this normal also? Would be happy for any comments.

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  • Hello Candy

    I don't know what a cryoablation is but I've had three ablations and a pacemaker and my heart rate is still up in the 90's. I'm not worried about it any more but do feel tired easily. It's just so much better than it was. I've been assured that the tiredness is due to the condition. Hope this helps.


  • Hi Candy

    After my 2nd ablation, 4 weeks ago, I was quite surprised that my heart rate was up on what it had been beforehand. It did make me worry a little, but after a few weeks it calmed down, although I must say it wasn't quite as high as yours. It may be an idea to talk to your GP if you are concerned, but l would guess that you just have to give it time. The tiredness is normal after an ablation and you are likely to have it for a few weeks. Don't try to push yourself and just do what your body tells you e.g. rest if you feel tired. I had an afternoon nap every day until I suddenly felt I didn't need it anymore.

    Take care.


  • I was told do not lift anything heavier than 10 Lbs for the first week and try not to do much for 2 weeks

  • Candy,

    I just had PVI isolation for afib with cryoablation. Since the procedure which was 7 weeks ago my resting heart rate is 25 to 30 bpm higher than before the procedure. My Doctor seems to think that the lesions may have been a little deep and that I might have some vagal nerve fiber damage. He believes that this will self correct over 3 months to a year. While I wait this out my resting heart rate is between 95 to 100. How is yours doing, have you noticed it getting any better?


  • Hi I checked with my EP who did a 7 day holter after 3 months and heart rate still running at 100 plus even on beta blockers but they seem happy with that and said it can take a while to settle down it used to be in the region of 80 so makes sense what you are saying. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer less than a month after my abaltion so I guess high heart rate a minor thing at minute although I do get stressed with it. After having the kidney op still in sinus rhthym which is good news. Hope you are well.

  • 3 years post cryablation my heart rate is back down in the low 70's, some time in the high 60's. Not quite the pre ablation levels of high 50's low 60"s but much more tolerable. How is your heart rate Candy, any improvement?

  • Nice to hear from you yes much better thank you back in the high 70s low 80s depending on stress levels. Not had any major AF attacks either so hopefully we'll worth going through the cryoablation. Hope you are doing well also. Kind of you to ask.

  • Today at 6:03 PM

    My resting heart rate after cryoablation has been in the high 80s low 90's. Normal?

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