I had my procedure for AF done by cryoablation. I was very heavily sedated, but it must of worn off a bit as I must of come round. And had pain under the left side off my ribcage. I said I was in pain there and then i was out for the count again. The next thing I knew I was back on the day case ward. That was 2weeks ago yesterday 20th nov. I am very tired at the moment, so I am listening to my body and resting. I phoned this organisation and they said don't put any pressure on my chest or carry any thing heavy. And they said it takes 6months for the heart to be fully healed. I am not on medication for the AF now but still take my 6 1/2 & 7 mg of warfarin alt days and my blood pressure tablets. I hope it is successful as it was very scary having it done. But will all your best wishes I couldn't back out of it, so thankyou everyone for your support.


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  • I'm so pleased it is all over for you. You are right to take things slowly and listen to your body. That is what everyone says. I am still waiting for my ablation and am scared stiff I don't mind admitting. X

  • I was too and mine was done under sedation but it must of been really powerful as I must of come round a bit and had a pain under my ribs and said It was hurting there. The next thing I remember I was back in the ward. Just keep your eyes shut tight and don't look. If it wasn't for everyone's kind words before I had it done I would not of gone through with it. I did because I didn't want to let you all down. I'm so glad I did. And so will you be too. So good luck from me too.

    Lynne xx

  • Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing about your progress.x

  • Sounds good Lynne, hope it works, mine did. I remember having some pain when they started ablating, just a bit when not under GA. I groaned then immediately heard the word "morphine" and I was out for the count.


  • Thanks very much. I hope mine was successful too.

    Lynne x

  • Seriously Dedeottie, my experience even with som discomfort was that it was less stressful then going to the dentist. I got the bus home the next day :-)

  • Thanks for that. I hope mine is like yours then. X

  • Well done Lynne and glad it went well. You may well have some odd feelings from time to time so do take it easy please. Dedeottie it really isn't bad trust me. I am a devout coward and had three with no problems. Much worse thinking about it than the reality.


  • Thanks Bob, without your advice and every one else's on this condition AF. I would not of known what to expect and I don't think I could of gone through with the procedure. So a big thank you.


  • Thanks. I know you are right. I wish I hadn't had to wait so long as in the meantime my imagination goes wild. Last week I had a minor surgical procedure I wasn't expecting and I was fine because I hadn't had time to think about it.x

  • Hello there Lynneangela, Glad your cryoablation went ok. I had one done in March of this year and have to say its worked for me, I feel so much better. Before that I'd been down the medication route, i.e. Amioradone, Bisoprolol, Warfarin etc and felt pretty rough with my AF for about 18 months then had the cryoablation, which was far less scary than I thought it would be and left hospital the following day. Took a week off work and tried to take it relatively easy when I went back. Just listen to your body and try and rest up a bit. I have to say I finally felt well about 3-4 months after the ablation - hooray - and I went for a check up about a month ago and I haven't got AF any more. Although obviously it may come back again in the future but for now its gone. I still get a bit tired but that could be something to do with the fact that I work full time and/or it could be the legacy of having had AF! Anyway good luck with it all, stay well.

  • Thank you so much. I hope my AF goes too. Should know in 6months. I am very tired too but that was expected. I was tired before so things can only get better.

  • Hi Lynne , pleased that it all went so well for you. Now take it easy for a bit. Did Dr McCready do the ablation ?


  • Yes mr mccready did do it. He was in the theatre behind a screen and then came over to say hello. When I was in recovery he came in and said it went very well and that I had an AF episode while he was doing it. He shook my hand and said he would see me in Worthing in 2 months. He is such a kind and caring man, I am a lucky he did it.

  • Me too I'm waiting for an ablation and I am terrified but feel I have no choice as I can't live with the awfulness of AF.....the breathlessness, the tiredness, I really can't walk very far without my legs aching so much I have to stop and doing everything at a snail pace.

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