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5 months post Cryoablation


Hi all, just a quick update. I had a Cryoablation on 7th September 2018 for lone paroxysmal AF, this was my first procedure after being on meds for 5 years which started to fail. The first couple of months after the ablation were up and down, I had a lot of palpatations and ectopics rather than AF. After about 3 months those symptoms started to settle and each week has got steadily better from then on.

Now at 5 months most days are symptom free, some days I will get a hand full of palpatations or a wriggly worm sensation in my heart for a few seconds but that's about it, nothing on the scale of pre ablation levels I am pleased to say which would regularly keep me awake all night. I have continued with a healthy lifestyle and zero triggers like alcohol ect in the hope this will extend my run of good health. This week was a test as I had the flu so I've been off work with high temp and lack of sleep ect but the old ticker has sailed through so no complaints. I wanted to post this update for those who are not having a good time and maybe contemplating ablation, there is hope and I have come from a very dark place to being healthy again so fingers crossed for you should you take this path. Best wishes Dave.

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Fantastic news! Keep up the good work! Xx

Great news djbgatekeeper!

djbgatekeeper in reply to Aqua_1

Thank you, I hope you are doing well and the weather is cooler down under 👍

Aqua_1 in reply to djbgatekeeper

Still quite warm and humid but nothing like what it was a couple of weeks ago! :-)

Wonderful news!! I’m almost at 3 months as post ablation and off all meds and doing great too! Sending a big high five from the states! ✋🏻

Well done you ✋

You are an inspiration to all of us. So glad things have timjrned around for you. Please keep us posted.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Rebma

Thank you and take care!

Great news, long may this continue. Please give another update at a later date too. No sailing off into the sunset and leaving us.

Hi Jean, yes I will be giving future updates and wouldn't dream of leaving! Thank you and take care 👍

Thanks for an encouraging post - stay AF free

That's the plan 👍 take care and best wishes to you.

Sounds great! Wish I had the courage. All the best!🌟

When the time is right the courage will be there... Best wishes to you 👋

That’s good news Dave, so nice to hear . I’m day 17 and ok......it’s weird isn’t it this afib life, so warming to hear when one of us gets to feel shot of the beast,


Glad to hear that you are having a good recovery Sue, take care and best wishes.

So pleased things are going well for you.

Thank you 😊

Great to hear Dave- thank you for sharing.

Hi missy, thank you ! How are you keeping pls?

That’s fantastic news.

Thanks Mary, I hope you are keeping well 👍

Great news Dave, sounds like a long road but your going the right way 👍

djbgatekeeper in reply to Ianp66

Thank you Ian, yes it's a long and possibly never ending road but I'm up for the fight 😉 take care.

Well done. Hope you continue to improve

I’m 7 months post cryoablation and still AF free. Like you keeping off alcohol and trying to live a healthy lifestyle

Ablation with an experienced EP is definitely the way to go

Thanks and best wishes to you 👋

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