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1 week post ablation and the flu

Sitting here in the ER waiting on a CT Scan to make sure I don't have a pulmonary embolism, but I got a lovely positive flu test. So now I am quite frightened of how hard this is going to be on my heart while it heals. Anyone else have the flu post ablation?

Update: I do have a very small PE. Gonna be on blood thinners for a while and follow up with both my EP and regular dr. No DVT.

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Oh dear......I do hope you don’t have a PE and have a speedy recovery. It hasn’t happened to me but I can empathise with your concern. One day at a time and think good things, the mind can be a very powerful tool in these situations.

Rest and fluids and more rest then for you and don’t underestimate how long flu can take to recover from.


I do have a PE but it's very small and probably would have gone away on its own. I honestly probably would have never known had I not come in for my flu symptoms. They are going to get me on blood thinners and Tamiflu. Definitely going to rest and drink loads of water. Thanks for the well wishes


The Tamiflu should help enormously. I get prescribed anti- virals at the first sign of a virus and I must say I feel a lot better longer term when I take them.


I'm 11 months post ablation, and all was going well until Februay (10 months post) when I contracted flu, followed by a chest infection. Added to some home and work stress it's pushed me back in to Flutter, but so far not AF (touch wood)

I hope you get through this with no problems


Right now I am just tachycardic - hr is about 105-110. But it was already elevated with just having the ablation. Hoping starting meds on my first day of symptoms will help ease the severity. The flu really can really derail a person!?! Hope your heart settles and thanks for the well wishes

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Maybe they can feed you more beta blockers?

All the best


Update: Flu was very mild. The day of me going in to the ER was the worst of the symptoms. Never came down with a fever and the sore throat went away quickly. I do have a bit of a residual cough, but otherwise doing pretty well.


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