Feeling better 1 week post ablation

A week has passed and although it wasn't nice, it wasn't the trauma I feared either. My heart was initially quite bumpy but settling down nicely and I had a big bleed on the night but that was quickly controlled too. Bit sore and and a bit bruised but I'm back on my feet, not rushing around but feeling ok! I was shocked that they found three seperate arrythmias as I thought I only had AF and my HR was 190! All dealt with now so fingers crossed it's worked. Getting advice and support from all of you made a massive difference to me coping with and being prepared for the procedure so thank you from the bottom of my (fast and irregular on the left/fast and regular on the right) heart. Merry Christmas to you all and stay well.

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  • Very pleased to hear you are OK- do rest and recover well!

  • Thank you.

  • Keep resting .........

  • Done a bit too much today so will rest more tomorrow

  • Take it easy now. No dancing.


  • I promise x

  • Hi Mommamia - so pleased to hear you are feeling better - do as they say on the tin and take it steady - like you this forum has been so helpful in information to me too - had my first ablation on 18th Dec - home last night and still tender... looking forward to feeling better xx

  • be patient with your recovery. I'm still in a blanking period here (first three months) and find that some days have bumps (even AF) - but most are good.

  • I've been bit dizzy tonight if I bend down, did you get that? I've nearly fallen a couple of times.... Think I've done a bit too much today

  • Good to hear it's going well so far..... I'm nearly a week post my second ablation :)

  • Don't over do it. And if your heart starts to get wonky remember it is a long healing time. 6 months not 6 weeks like other surgeries.

    Stay well

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