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10 days Post Op Ablation and Pacemaker Implantation

Hello there!! I am on day 10 post ablation and pacemaker surgery. My recovery has not been nearly as easy as my dr told me it would be. But I’m coming around slowly but surely. I did experience something very painful and disturbing last night and I wondered if any of you have experienced it. I was just sitting watching tv and all of a sudden I had excruciating pain in the center of my chest and it went around to my back, like between my shoulder blades. The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I could barely talk or move. Then without any warning I projectile vomited which also hurt. But as soon as I was done puking the chest pain and burning went away. Anyone have any idea what that could be?

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I have no idea why you wouldn’t contact a doctor as a matter of urgency with such symptoms.

Some symptoms require urgent investigation.

Please do take care and don’t substitute proper medical attention with the forum as helpful as you might feel it is.



I contacted my physician this morning but have yet to hear back. I’m not looking for a diagnosis from any of you just wondered if anyone else experienced this.


I certainly had a chest pain episode after one of my ablations, think it was several days after. I went to bed and decided I didn't want my electric blanket on the bed anymore as I thought I could feel the wires (like the princess and the pea story). It really scared me and I was half convinced I was having a heart attack. I rang my GP next morning and he said, "Just put it down as an experience, but let me know if it happens again". Well, that was years ago and it never did happen again.

If I'd been sick as well like you describe I'd have dialled the NHS 111 number for advice, or even called an ambulance. I think you should still seek advice.

Best wishes



Whilst I agree that you should see a doctor it does sound like acid reflux, especially the projectile vomiting if things have backed up . The ablation may have irritated the oesophagus badly (this is not uncommon) as they often burn quite close to it. Try ringing the arrhythmia nurse where you had the procedure done or ring your EP's secretary,


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