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Hi everyone just thought I would give an update on the cryogenic ablation I had on Tuesday. I had really dreaded the procedure but with support from this forum went ahead with it and it was certainly not as bad as I had expected.

The staff were fantastic and kept me fully informed throughout the procedure. I was fully awake for the 2 hours it took with some mild sedation and pain relief.

The weirdest thing was when my EP gave me hiccups it was like a small electric shock somewhere near my diaphragm. The whole right side of my upper body appeared to be jumping Rhythmically including my right arm. This procedure was to make sure he didn't damage the phrenic nerve when ablating the pulmonary veins. If the hiccups had started to lesson he would have stopped ablating as he could have damaged the phrenic nerve. Fortunately managed the whole procedure with no problems then he stopped my hiccups. Isn't medicine marvellous.

Feel as if my chest has been kicked by a horse today with a regular pulse of 100. A little breathless on exertion. Now just have to wait for the 3month recovery period to see if it's been successful.

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  • Well done- very good to hear all went well. Do rest and let us know how you get on

  • Thank you for your good wishes I am just going to rest up for a week as advised.

  • Glad to hear it went well Sharon, take things easy for the first couple of weeks, good luck with your recovery

  • Thankyou

  • All the best with your recovery and be sure to be good to yourself and rest

  • Thanks yes I do intend to rest up for the next week.

  • Well done, you've just reminded me about the hiccups, I'd forgotten about that bit, yes medicine is marvellous! Fingers crossed for the next 3 months x

  • Thanks. Feel even better this morning just a bit breathless but very little discomfort.

  • During these early days be your own very best friend and be kind to yourself....x

  • Thank you I do intend to rest up.

  • Good news, well done. Take care now and don't push yourself.

  • Thank you I do intend to rest up.

  • Very good to hear a good news story, now do as I say and not what I did which is too much, too soon cos I felt so much better! Best wishes

  • Thanks I have taken your advice on board and do intend to rest up.

  • Glad all went well, just take things steadily


  • Thanks

  • Well done.x

  • Thanks

  • Wow my cryo experience was very different. It was a 6 hour surgery,, I was fully sedated, I ended up one of the less than 1% of people who had the phrenetic nerve froze (I stopped hiccuping), and when I woke I had a few miserable days of recovery then 2 months of disability leave because I had a lot of trouble talking and would totally loose my voice. I am so glad to hear my experience wasn't normal cuz I may need another ablation. Probably will not be cryo this time though. I have been dreading this, but after your post I feel more encouraged.

  • I hope all goes well in the future.

  • Good luck dont be tempted to try and do too much just rest the dust will

    still be there. Be a lady of leisure for a week or two.

  • Thanks I certainly will.

  • Piece of cake! Well.... at any rate that is great news. Take good care now!

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