6 days post ablation

6 days post ablation

Hi All

First post on here but I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts and getting lots of background on my condition. Bit of background I am 56 yr male pretty fit do lots of swimming gym etc until about 6 months ago when I realised I was getting seriously out of breath and my heart rate was go way over my normal levels . Anyway after the usual tests ( Holter for a week ) and drugs ( Bisoprolol and Flecainide ) etc I ended up having my ablation last Friday at the BUPA Cromwell in West London ( Great team there ) . As you know who have experienced it is a very strange thing to go through and 6 days on the bruising on my leg is now subsiding and not really noticed to much pain around my heart . I had my first real walk about today .Just went maybe half a mile or so but even though I didn't go at a particularly great pace I noticed that my Fitbit picked up elevated heart levels for most of my walk . Just wondered if this is normal. I am trying to build up gradually and haven't real set to many targets as I accept it will be matter of time. Like to think I can get back to somewhere near where I was before fitness wise but I guess it will be dependant on how the procedure went . I have been put on Apixiban (2x 5mg twice a day ) for 6 weeks and I have another appointment with my Consultant in 3 weeks .

Just thought I would share my story


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  • This all sounds perfectly normal to me . Raised heart rate post ablation is common and can take many months to return to pre-procedure levels. You must have been told that it takes at least three if not six months for the heart to fully heal so please do not be too impatient. Think of that bruise as your heart and when it has completely gone then and only then have you started to heal.

  • Thanks Bob good comparison about the bruise. I suppose I was expecting some erratic beats for a couple of weeks but I was surprised when I they came so quickly just walking. Anyway knowing it is normal I can now accept that it is all part of the healing process.

  • Hi Ged. As Bob says it seems your're doing well so far. Another week or two and you should be able to do what you would like, altho gradually. As for the elevated heart rate on walking, how elevated ? Altho bearing in mind you've just had a invasive procedure on your heart its of no surprise as it heals. I think you'll find it will subside as the days pass.

    Cool photo.!!!


  • Hi Pip thanks for the reply and again re-assuring words . On the heart levels I am normally in the low 60's and when elevated I get over 100 or it registers as "active minutes " on my Fitbit. It did this before my procedure so I wasn't expecting it again so easily.. However if as you and Bob say it is to be expected then thanks for the reassurance . I suppose having a bit of an analytical mind and being told that its an electrical problem I assumed that the "re-wiring" would work . However I now know that the heart is a bit more complex than that so like everything else I will time be its great healer .



    PS Thanks for the photo compliment . I took it in Portugal last Xmas

  • I had first and only ablation in Nov 2013 (I was 64). I came off all meds except anticoagulant on the day. Heart did a lot of jumping around for about 5 months but gradually improved. Then nothing ... and AF free since then.

    My normal resting heart rate is mid 60s but for about a year it was 70s or even low 80s. It is now back to mid 60s. So be patient and fingers crossed.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Thanks Iallym looks like its just a waiting game for me then.

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