Post Ablation update

Hi everyone. Had my ablation coming up to 3 weeks ago and apart from two12 hour af episodes which went back to normal rhythmn themselves am feeling lots better. I was very unwell prior to ablation - very breathless, struggling to walk even 5 feet, chest pain, diziness but now feel like a new woman. I know there no guarantees ill stay like this but even these few weeks been heaven. Still couple of heart issues to sort but cardiologist wanted the ablation done first then sort other stuff. So its onwards and upwards feeling lots better and more upbeat than I have been in ages x

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  • Hi Jules,

    Stay positive that's the key! don't let this thing get you down.

    virtual hugs!

    wendi x

  • Good result Jules. Rest plenty still. Very early days yet.

  • Thanks Bob and Wendi. Im still pacing myself about what I can and cant do. Just being able to walk to my friends opposite my house now is a relief. Went shopping Monday then to get some bloods done and even though was tired when returned home was just good to be out in fresh air as 3 weeks before even getting to my loo was problem. Ill keep my positive vibe going as my other heart issues will take time and ill always have problems with the ticker but at least im af free so woo hoo for now lol x

  • Jules, pleased to hear that the ablation has helped you. Keep up the good positive attitude.

    Best wishes


  • It's so good to hear this! All the best!

  • So pleased to hear that it went well Jules and that you're feeling so much better. Long may you continue to feel like a new woman.


  • So pleased for you. Let's hope the improvements continue quickly. Certainly be very careful about not overdoing things. Easily done - you don't want to repent at leisure!!!!

  • Thanks everyone. Got a great other half and family who wont let me overdo it. Today a chilled day. Like I said to my mam (a fellow af sufferer) a day without af is a good day and ill enjoy them x

  • Great news. If it works half as well as mine, it'll be brilliant.

    Good luck 😀


  • Long may it continue Jules....all the best, John

  • So pleased for you. Keep taking it easy as still early days but enjoy every minute.


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