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Post ablation fatigue


Hello. Just had a rf catheter ablation for wpw and svt about 3 weeks ago, doc said it was successful and went very well and he believed I was done. Usually procedures last last 2-6 hours but mine only lasted about and hour and a half from what my partner said. It was a good experience overall. I didn't feel a thing except when they made my heart race. After I was done I noticed my rest rates were 90-110s, which I thought maybe was from the procedure. I went home same day, my resting heart rates have dropped they are in between 60-78 but I have noticed when I get up and walk around it can go up in 120s. To this day I'm still weak and tired. Haven't been able to work. Just talked to my docs nurse and she said it wasn't normal for me to be fatigued for this long and is planning on putting me on a monitor. Just wondering if anyone has had the same experience or how long did it take for you to get back to normal after your ablation?

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Hi, Thanks for the response. After my 5, ablations, I never had any pain. During the 2, ablations where I was awake on the operating table, I had some pain. It's been two months since the 5th ablation and so far, no irregular heart-beats, or Tachycardia. My HR is 60 BPM. I have experienced a little shortness of breath, but the doctor said the shortness of breath will last 3, or 4, months. My Tachycardia was very difficult to find. Doctors in California, couldn't pinpoint the source of my tachycardia and wanted to cut the nerves to my heart. Sure glad I decided to go to Severance Hospital, in Seoul, Korea.

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Glad everything is good for you and yes I also get the shortness of breath. Some doctors say it's normal some don't. They're all different.

Yes - after 6 weeks I was still very fatigued - despite no AF. The higher heart rate is normal by the way - mine took 6 months to settle down with exercise.

In my case, the fatigue was caused by another condition which eventually cause pad definitive symptoms to allow diagnosis. The monitor should show whether or not it is your heart but I would also suggest keeping a detailed log of your fatigue levels by scoring your energy levels 0-10. Note when it dips and record what you were doing. Record any other symptoms, however odd they may seem which coincides with fatigue.

Hope it improves soon.

Makaveli818 in reply to CDreamer

Really? I didn't know that. They didn't tell me what my heart rates should be or what not all I know is I asked one of the nurses at the hospital and she said it was normal to have high rates. But what the problem is if my heart is beating 120 at work and I work 8hrs a day or used to. That's gonna make real tired, but maybe it could be something else. But the monitor will tell. Just yesterday I carried some groceries up the stairs and I got some chest pain, it was painful. Like my heart was telling me whoa that's too much and when I was laying down my heart felt Like it wanted to race again but then it stopped fortunately. I do remember my doctor telling me I might feel like it wants to come,back but the ablation will block the signal. Thanks for your advice.

PS - 3 weeks is still very early in the healing process

Makaveli818 in reply to CDreamer

Yeah, apparently they don't think so. I know everyone is different. They wanted to send me back to work after a week full duty and my job is physical. I was like no I think I need at least light duty.

I had mine two weeks ago. My procedure was done under GA and took about 4 hours. All seemed to go well and heart was nice and quiet, though my heart rate is definitely a bit higher than before. Doc says this is totally normal and it will take a while to slow down. Stayed home from work about a week and a half and returned this past Monday. I only work part time and at a desk so it's not strenuous but boy was I exhausted when I got home. Everyday is a bit better and I realize the best thing for me to do, believe it or not, is to take a walk when I'm feeling really tired after work. When I get home I take the dog for a half-hour slow walk and I snap out of the exhaustion. I think the key to is to make sure that you get substantial sleep. I think it takes quite a while to get back to normal. My doctor said at least 3 months and sometimes up to a year to feel 100% again. I wouldn't hesitate to call the doctor though if in your gut you just don't feel right. Best of luck!

Makaveli818 in reply to Jomama

Thank you, I work in receiving. So my job is a little physical. It does require you to stand up for most of the day and then lifting. But I'm probably gonna have to work part time too until I can work full time again and light duty. See my doctor never told me about my heart rates after my ablation all the said was it was a success and he thinks it's done. I talked to the nurse just yesterday and she told me it wasn't normal to feel fatigued after this long and suggested a heart monitor. Sometimes I feel like they think I'm over exaggerating or I don't know what I'm talking about. That's a good idea, I might have to try that. The only thing that scares me is the other day I carried some groceries up the stairs and I got some chest pain, wasn't very pleasant.

CDreamer in reply to Makaveli818

I wonder if your Doc has ever had an ablation?

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Jomama in reply to Makaveli818

Oh my, no wonder you're exhausted! Standing all day and lifting would make me incredibly exhausted at this point, and you're only a week past me. I think it's perfectly normal to be exhausted despite what your nurse says. I'm in theUS and my doctor has me on a holter monitor for 3 weeks post-ablation. I have to send an EKG twice a day, and the monitor also automatically sends one too. I also can have a reading done should I feel symptomatic in any way. I really hate monitors but I must admit I don't mind after the ablation at all. I like the idea that when I see him on 3/27 for my follow-up he can see exactly what my heart has been doing. I think it's a good idea to be on the monitor and cut back on work for a while. You need to heal! Wishing you the best!

Makaveli818 in reply to Jomama

Yeah they just told me next week they want me to go full duty because they want me to try and if I keep feeling the same to let them know. As far as the monitor I have to wait for the local doctor here were I live to have one available for me. My EP is out of town, I live in a little town that doesn't have any EP's.

Thank you

I actually have only worked one day and a half since the ablation. Still feel tired.

Hi my mom has same symptoms and it's been 2 months since procedure..has anything been helping you or are you still the same

Makaveli818 in reply to Mirearte

I've been a little bit better, I still get tired real fast. Well going for short walks helps a little. I guess just time will heal I suppose. As I've heard a lot of people don't exercise the same anymore after an ablation.

Agatha23 in reply to Makaveli818

Hi. I had an ablation done one week ago. Went back to work today (desk job). Just EXHAUSTED sitting at a desk! Does this AWFUL fatigue go away? My doctor NEVER told me about this severe exhaustion. I had to find out after the fact, by websites like this one. I really hope I can get my old energy back. I would love to hear how you are doing now. It's very depressing. Thank you.

Makaveli818 in reply to Agatha23

I'm actually doing better but I will admit that I feel like my energy level isn't the same as before I 2nd this procedure done. But it is different for everyone as I have read in other websites that some people actually have more energy after an ablation. I would talk to your doctor, don't lose hope little by little you can feel better just don't over push yourself. When you feel enough is enough take a break and rest. I am starting to exercise as well and I'm hoping I do get my energy back how it used to be, as it has been a year and a half. Best of luck to you.

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