6 Weeks Post Ablation

After 6 weeks of feeling pretty much fantastic I had my first run of AF this morning. I must say I barely noticed it. Had my morning 100MG of Flecainide and took the dog for a walk and on mt return I felt the slightest of flutters and realised I was in AF. Fortunately taking an extra 100MG of Flec put me back into NSR within about 40 minutes. I know this is to be expected, but I can't help but feel the slightest bit disappointed. Other than extra beats a couple of days after my ablation I have had no problems at all. I suffered very little after affects from the procedure and was back in full swing with my life. It's strange, but for the past week I have been very aware of my heart beat. My pulse rate hasn't changed, but I can more or less feel every beat when I'm in bed the pounding in my ears has been that strong. I started taking magnesium supplements around the same time as the pounding started, so assumed it may have been something to do with that.

My EP pre-warned me there was a strong chance another procedure would be required and I have more or less accepted that, just had it it my mind I may have a good year or so before that was needed. Still onwards and upwards.

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  • Jason it is still early days as it can take from three to six months for the heart to heal . Take it easy.


  • Yes. it's disappointing when you discover, post ablation, that things aren't perfect, but you have very likely moved a long way forwards all the same. I still get the odd bit of AF but I'm far far better - a thousand times better - than I was before last year's ablation.

  • Hope it all evens out for you Jason. Im sure its a disappointment to feel your AF start again. My fingers are crossed for you. Not looking forward to mine next week but hope its not postponed again ( never satisfied am I ? ). Dont push yourself yet take it easy.

  • Bridget. As you may know I had mine on Monday last week. I can honestly say that there was some discomfort at some of the stages but I will have no hesitation at all when (not if!!!) my second one comes around.

  • Hi Peter. Thanks for that because I am nervous. I hope youre feeling a little bit better. Take it easy.

  • Bridget I am quite happy to give you more information of what happened at the various stages. I have put a few bits down but if you would like more to reassure you then please let me know and I will willingly do so.

    Mine was all under sedation (ie not GA). For some of the time I was completely out and don't remember and at other times aware as to what was going on and talking to the nurse who was near me. The worst part was having to get them to scratch my face or arm when had an itch!!!! On one occasion, when my EP consultant was by my groin where the catheter goes in doing some manual control, I called the nurse (she was not far away but not very close) to scratch an itch on my face and I told her where exactly to do so. My EP said you can talk to me you know and I replied that I wouldn't have troubled him to scratch my face and he said that he wouldn't have minded doing so!!!

  • Ha ha thanks Peter. I too have to have it under sedation. Im nervous about them stimulating me into having an SVT attack. I have that too ( although not for many years niw since AF took over ).

    Afraid I wont go back into SR. Then theres the chest pain .

    Mostly though I dont want to be incapacitated

    post ablation for too long.

    I dont want to feel worst than I do now.

    But well see . Thank you for caring enough to reply to me

  • Good luck Bridget, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine. The hardest part is the worry afterwards :) Counting every beat and thinking am I doing too much.

  • Thanks Jason. Will let you all know how it goes. Good or bad !!!

  • Jason, when my first episode happened after five weeks it was 14 hrs first day albeit no way as aggressive prior to the ablation.

    In total took two days to settle really, pretty much settled down since then and bar the ectopics

    Downside I have got nowhere near any sort of physical well being to what I would and was told I could expect😒

    To compound matters got a bout of what appears to be food poisoning which I can't shrug off now, what a bummer.

    Carribean looming and I am struggling, another bummer 😞

    But eh good luck mate with your continued recovery and hang on in there.

  • You're having it tough Mick, hopefully this is getting all the bad stuff out of the way before you go on your jollies. I've definitely been aware of something going on over the past week or so with my heart. Getting the odd chest ache, I wouldn't so pain, just feel a little tightness and I can feel it pounding. I've decided to take it easy this week, as I was starting to push things a little and over the weekend I did have more to drink than I have in about 4 months and my diet wasn't that great, so getting a run of AF wasn't a total surprise.

    Like you Mick when it came, it certainly wasn't as aggressive, but I know you struggle with Flecainide, whereas I now don't have a problem and it appears to work well.

    I hope things pick up for you mate and you have no problems whilst you're away. Hard to do, but try and relax and hopefully a break from the norm could be as good as a cure.

  • Someone said to me yesterday that you are fully recovered 48 hours after a catheter ablation. I wish that was the case!!!! Maybe some are!!!

    And they weren't talking about the effects of the sedation!!!

  • Being honest Peter I felt great after a few days. I wasn't running any marathons or doing anything strenuous, but getting around I felt fine. Luck of the drawer I guess. I asked my EP how long I should take things easy for and should I slowly ease myself back into the swing of things, but he just insisted I don't do anything to open the wounds in my groin for a few days and then "Fill my boots", so to speak. Now I believe there are lots of factors to be taken into account after an individual has an ablation. As we are all different and out AF tends to be different more of these factors apply to certain individuals than others, if that makes any sense. One blanket factor that does apply to all is don't do too much too soon, as I am constantly being told :)

  • High Jason, In your last posts you were a bit concerned that your heart was playing up again. Just wondering a few weeks on how the recovery is going and did things settle down for you. I had my first ablation just under two weeks ago and I'm interested in seeing how different people have responded in those first 3 months or so. I'm on a similar drugs regime to yourself and had been a pretty active and fit person. However, I have learnt very quickly that you can't rush these things so the more I listen to other people's experiences the better.



  • Hi Bob, I've had the odd episode in the past 6 weeks, but taking an extra 100mg of flecainide puts me back in NSR relativey quickly. I'll find out what the plan of attack will be when I have my checkup in a couple of weeks.

  • Hi Jason. Would be good to hear how you get on with the check up and good luck! Out of interest are you still taking a daily dose of Flecainide as well as the extra 100mg if you get a problem? My EP wanted me off Flecainde completely after my ablation but when I had a couple of AF episodes told me to have a 100mg if I needed to but no daily dose To be honest I feel a bit unprotected!

  • I'm still on all meds at the moment. 2 x 100mg a day and I too will be a little apprehensive about coming off them if that is the decision. I'll keep you updated.



  • Thanks. Appreciated

  • At nearly 70 on the 24th March they put me on "the table" in Leeds General for catheter ablation (CA). I have suffered with AF for 7 years and had 7 cardioversions. Prior to that I was treated in Haematology with Plasmapheresis (cleaning up the blood as I was high in paraprotein due to Non Hodgekins Lymphoma), popped through the clinic for premedication tests and the TOE (Trans-Oesophageal Echocardiogram - camera down the gullet looking for blood clots in the heart). All went off just fine. Very smooth in fact. Little pain and all the staff were considerate and kind; even admiring the scar from the pacemaker operation. Many others have given tremendous support. Now I have had a set-back: Sunday 5th April with AF and two quick trips to the Hospital last week with supraventricular tachycardia/AF and I am also getting that heart thumping in the head lying in bed and sat at this computer. But I live in hope and get together with the Arrythmia Nurse next Thursday for further advice. Shirley is right, we take great comfort from the AF Group in the York area organised by Jo who really is a laugh a minute and we take great store from BigLeg Fiona who is mad about Magnesium and rightly so. Those get together's are really supportive. CA may not always be for everyone and new ideas are coming to the fore, that the cause of AF should also be treated and not just the result. This extends the possibilities for a cure. So we live in hope and I certainly will go on working, pursuing a positive cure. This blog is also a real support.

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