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Bisopropol Fumarate and Ventolin Evohaler (salbutamol) possible warning


Well it all started with a chest infection - went to Drs as it wasn't getting any better and was given and Ventolin inhaler and told to use as needed. Dr did ask if I had had one before to which I replied yes as I had - about 10 years ago (this was before I was on betablocker).

On the saturday I couldn't stop coughing so went to out of hours GP and got sent to A&E for a nebuliser as my oxygen levels were very low. Got admitted by A&E. Was given nebulisers and oxygen over the weekend and kept in.

At some point on the Monday I went into bronchial spasyms - as a result I was put in an induced coma for 9 days and was bought out of this with a tracheostomy. I ended up spending nearly 4 weeks in hospital and have been home 2 weeks now. Thankfully recovering very quickly as I was reasonably healthy (apart from AF) and active before this.

While I was in hospital the Consultants mentioned that there was an issue with betablockers and salbutamol inhalers causing problems with heart rates and I have since googled this and it does appear to be an absolute no-no. It does say on the leaflet that comes with the inhaler that it shouldn't be taken by people with betablockers - but as I had been given this by the GP I thought it was ok.

Just wanted to warn others as I wouldn't want someone else and their families to go through the same thing.

I will add that the care I received in ITU and HDU was absolutely amazing.

Apologies for any spelling or grammar issues - sight, concentration and co-ordination still not quite there yet!

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What an awful experience for you and thank you for the information. I have never been able to take salbutamol tablets but had to use the inhaler for bronchitis, in my pre-AF days. Both forms of salbutamol gave me a racing heart and are now avoided like the plague.

In recent posts, I read that some members are able to use the inhaler but cannot remember if they also took a beta blocker.

I'm sure you are glad to have that behind you and make sure a warning is posted on your GP's file.

doodle68 in reply to Finvola

Hi Leafmum :-) what a scary experience that must have been.

I take a Seretide inhaler daily (a Corticosteroid and Long-Acting Bronchodilator) I don't cope well with ventolin, it just doesn't suit me so I avoid it when I can .

I was recently prescribed a betablocker Nebivolol which carries a warning for asthmatics. So far it seems ok with the Seretide but I will be wary after your warning should I need to resort to Ventolin in the winter.

I'm on salbutimol n beta blockers

My cardiologist said he would like to prescribe a beta blocker for me but he 'couldn't', I assumed because they are dangerous for people with asthma but now I see it may have been because of the combination inhaler I take every day, thanks for useful (maybe lifesaving!) info.

Btw we don't judge writing skills here 😀 but I hope you are completely recovered soon with everything up to your own standards!

Crumbs, your story had me on the edge of my seat! You poor thing, what a nightmare you've been through! I'm so glad you're better now and thanks for the warning re the drug interaction. Wishing you well. Jean

At xmas I was admitted to A & E blue lighted wth breathing problems. Some sort if viral infection doing the rounds , serious coughing fits and fighting to breath. I was put on a oxyegen and nebulisor 6 times over a two day period and it affected my HR was clocking around 150-160. consultant said this was normal side effect and if I could bear with it it would subside. I did and it did go down in a few days. One pearl of whisdom, anyone having to use nebulisor eat a banana after, apparently it sucks all the potassium out of you, needs to be replenished.

Lady in next bed told me this she was a seasoned asthma sufferer.


I have LQTS and ventolin is a definate no no

I take bisoprolol and two inhalers Ventolin (salbutamol) and Incruse ellipta 55

Whilst I didn't end up hospitalised as it was caught just in time, my experience has a lot of similarities. I was changed first to verapamil which was fine, and am now on nebivolol with seretide, which seem to work well together.

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