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The day after

So I'm stuck in bed. I was taking nothing more than 1300mg of Tylenol until the sedation really wore off. Now I'm on a bit dilaudid. I had my arterial blood pressure monitor removed. They also removed my chest tube. I'm extremely tired and in a great deal of pain for just a little longer. But in all I feel much better. So tonight is short and sweet. Lots of love n hugs.

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Thanks for the update Ruby......may take a while, but good to hear you are feeling better........


I'm so sorry you are still in such pain. I am sure your consultant will review the situation, you shouldn't be left in such pain, and please don;t just grit and bear it, speak to the nurse. I do hope you feel better today . love and hugs coming your way XXOO Annlynne


This is always the worst time Ruby after the elation of knowing you are still alive and before the healing is complete. Had plenty of those times myself but it soon passes and the good news is that the brain can't "remember " pain only that you had it. Try asking them for some oral morphine. Doesn't completely stop the pain but you don't care about it. lol Lots of sleeps now. and hugs from me. (((( ))))



I have to disagree slightly. This is the second time that I had My left lung collapsed. And believe it or not I remembered this pain. The only difference between then an now is they pulled my chest tube yesterday and I didn't go home with it for three days.

Non the less I was up and about. Now I'm ready for my happy drugs to take away the pain for a little while. Then I will try again in a few hours.

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Here's to each day beginning to show improvement, still very early days. Just think how much better things can be post recovery. It's a big haul please keep your chin up hard I know when you feel rough. You will get there. X


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