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Wish me luck guys I'm going in for my 2nd ablation tomorrow (29th Feb). I don't feel as bad as I did when I was waiting for my first I couldn't wait to go in....this time I feel more nervous I think it's because my symptoms are not as bad...but also not right still in Af.

I'm sure I'll be fine I remember saying to my husband last time " If I only get 1 week of feeling like this it will have be worth it" I felt so good and did so for around 4 months.

I have read on here though were lots of you have had 2, 3 and even more so my fingers are crossed.

Carolyn xxx

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  • Wishing you all the best for an easy ablation, and a perfect result. Give yourself time to recover well, being very gentle as you return to normal!

  • Good luck and keep us posted JanR

  • Fingers crossed, I wish you every success.

  • Good luck for today, you'll be fine!

    Wendi x

  • Hi Carolyn,

    I wish you all the best for your 2nd ablation and a speedy recovery.

    Best Wishes


  • Best wishes x

  • All thes best, and keep us updated. After my second I have been better xx

  • Wishing you a successful 2nd ablation. Please let us know how you get on. Bella :)

  • Best wishes and make sure you report back on how it all went. x

  • Good luck for No 2. And a lot more than 4 months free this time around......

  • Best wishes for a permanent fix.


  • I feel just the same as you. Still waiting for my second. I dont feel quite as confident as i thought i would. I think i would have felt better if i hadnt had to wait so long...5 months so far.

    Anyway i will be thinking about you. It will be over soon. Im looking forward to hearing from you. X

  • Best wishes. Hope you get a great result and don't need a 3rd.

  • Felt the same way for my second....more nervous I think because I know more than I did before my far I have been great after my second.......but if I had to I would do a third....feeling normal is simply wonderful

  • Best wishes! I hope yours is the breeze my second was two weeks ago. Didn't even have to stay overnight.

  • The very best of luck to you today, hope all goes well.

    kind regards.

  • Best wishes for great results. Good for you that you are doing it!

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