The last day

The last day

I'm standing on our balcony watching the sun go down. Finvola lives round the corner from one of those headlands.

Just musing on the fact that there were times in the past nine weeks when I was convinced that I wouldn't see this view again, but that isn't what I wanted to tell you.

On my last day, (yesterday), I learned that my consultant definitely wouldn't be in the ward until next Friday. I was a bit upset at the thought of another week, so when I was getting my medication I joked to the wee nurse, "Give me Diazapam or I'll smash the windows by this afternoon" and she did !!!!! 😮

Anyway, later an older consultant passed my bed and used the hand wash attached to the bottom rail. He made a polite request for this as he did so and I, emboldened by the diazepam said, "Only if you write a discharge letter". That caught his attention so he listened to my tale, went off to read my notes, and came back with the suggestion that he would allow me to go as long as I returned to the Coronary Care Unit on Monday morning where he knew my consultant would be at a particular time. Eureka!!!

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  • How lovely, both the view from your balcony and your weekend at home. I've enjoyed reading your funny posts , your sense of humour will see you through. I wish you all the best.

  • :-)

  • brilliant enjoy the weekend- vey envious of your view!!

  • 🌞!!!!! That's supposed to be a little sun!

  • Result! Enjoy the view.

  • Aw - well done! You must be over the moon to be out of hospital.

    I was admiring almost the same view earlier with the low sun turning Lough Foyle into a sheet of silver.

    Take it easy and enjoy every inch of your own home again. xx

  • How lovely to be back in your own home if only for the weekend. Enjoy every moment !

    Best wishes


  • So pleased for you enjoy.

  • Lovely photo! Hope you're soon released from your incarceration for good behaviour. Though from what you've just told us I'm not so sure! LOL.

    Best wishes


  • What a treat everything is going to be today!

    But we will all be pleased when you are back home for good.

  • Hope you enjoyed your weekend

  • This has certainly made me homesick, I was born and lived in Northern Ireland until I met my husband who comes from England and live here now but I still miss it. I have been following your posts and wish you well and hope you get home to that view soon.

  • Your beautiful view made me feel serene too 😊 Your witty posts are a tonic.

  • So glad you managed to get home. I hope you don't need to go back to stay any more. Your posts do cheer everyone up. Don't know how you manage to stay so cheerful.😃😃

  • So pleased for you.Have followed your posts and admire your humour through all the ups and lots of downs, hope it will be all ups from now on.

  • So pleased you got home for the weekend. May it be for a bit longer soon! X

  • Wow. Just do beautiful. This can only do you good:) enjoy your lovely home and another step towards recovery. I like the sound of that doc.. And the nurse :) xxx

  • And how are things this weekend?

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