Travelling post ablation

Hi, I'm keen to go on an overseas holiday this summer but wondered if that's too soon after my ablation which took place last week. I am concerned about any heart issues flaring up abroad and also flying. I was thinking a staylocation would be better and not to go abroad for 3 months while things heal and settle. I'd welcome thoughts on this.

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  • Personally I would go and enjoy myself. You can't let it win after all. When you say summer I guess you are thinking late July/August which is long enough after last week. Really the best guide is how you feel and by a month post ablation you should have some idea. Listen to your body is all. Stay well hydrated.,stay off the alcohol and don't over eat. Come to think of it is there any point? lol

  • Thank you. I think that's half the problem. I chose to have ablation as I was living in fear of SVT and avoiding flying and sport. I've just got to break that mindset.

  • Bobs right I think you should go ,I'm in cyprus at the moment seven weeks since my ablation I've been here for four weeks coming back to uk on Tuesday I have decided to carry on as normal as I can ,will probably have another ablation as barts have said if they can help my AF it should help with my heart failure ,so I think while we still can try to make the most while of life, if you decide to travel abroad enjoy !! Regards brenda

  • I'm in Cyprus as well! Make sure you have insurance and an up to date EHIC card. Here I also join a private ambulance scheme as Cyprus ambulances don't have paramedics on board and can have difficulty locating you in rural areas. Re Brendas comment. My ablations improved my heart failure immensely

  • Didn't know that about paramedics in the ambulance have a home here for 25 years coming backwards and forwards ,need to find out more on that thanks for information ,regards brenda

  • Yes, looking at going end of July so that will be 6 weeks post ablation

  • Had my first ablation 9 weeks ago and booked in for another as an urgent case and been told I must wait until af has settled...if your feeling ok, ask your ep on there advice and go enjoy yourself

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