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Hi I am 2 weeks post cryoblation but cannot walk very far just short walks of 10 mins only before I get bad palps and racing heart which in turn brings on migraine headaches. has anyone else experienced this and if so how long did this last. I also feel worse with palps when I go to bed,advised this has something to do with inflammation around sac of heart from procedure.

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  • You are still very early in recovery Cazp so don't expect too much too soon. It will be at least three if not six months before your heart is fully healed. The migraines should start to fade soon and are quite normal although like lots of things you are never warned about it. Why not talk to your arrhythmia nurse if you are worried?

  • I agree with what Bob says. Please talk to your AF nurse if this continues much longer.


  • I think we all heal differently so it is important to listen to what your heart is saying - which seems to be 'that's your limit' - for now. It will improve grandually.

    Best wishes for a good recovery.

  • I did not do very much for almost one month after my ablation. I recognized that the ablation was a big deal in that it is a trauma to the heart and it needs time to heal. I did get lots of palpitations, irregular heart rhythm and I worried about all of it. But after one episode of AF, things just seemed to settle down with palpitations on some days and nothing but blue sky on most days. I have been in normal sinus rhythm for over 3 months now but I am getting more palpitations and irregular heart rhythm. That said, I see this as part of the healing process and I'm just trying to ignore it. I don't say it doesn't bother me but my perspective is let's give it as much time as needed and I try to see blue sky and not get upset or panicky. So, hang in there, and do what you can when you can and don't follow anyone else's timetable or experience, including mine. You need what you need. It is all about you at this stage!


  • I had ablation 2013 and took 5 months for palps to reduce and then disappear. Breathlessness also went away - so patience!

  • oh thats reassuring Lally,, im going for my preassesment 27th feb next monday ablation ...i suffer terrible with breaTHLESSness diagnosed with 100%AF

  • Sorry to hear that. I was pretty much immediately back to normal after my ablation.

  • If you are struggling, I would go back for advice. It took me far longer than expected to get back to normal working life. 6 weeks before full time working. And 3 months until I was confident cycling up hills again. But I never had the symptoms you are having. I'm 50

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