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Having had ny first ablation and so far so good we decided to book our first holiday abroad in 3 years. So holiday booked for September and insurance sorted. Can anyone who self tests, tell me where to pack the machine e.g. hand luggage or in the case? Also, what do I do about the self testing sharps, do I have to declare them? Any other handy hints appreciated. X

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  • We have guests at the moment. They arrived fine, but their luggage didn't. The experience of searching for spare toothbrushes (and pyjamas with no holes!) taught me a lesson. In future I will take all medication and some basic toiletries in handbaggage. Not sure about sharps in hand baggage - best check with the airline. There was no compensation offered by the airline as the under baggage did arrive, eventually.

  • I would take batteries out if poss and put everything in hand luggage, use the trays at baggage check to declare your machine and meds, that's what I did with no problems. Have a fab holiday .

  • How good does this sound? Positive thinking!

    Cannot offer advice on packing self testing kit, but I do always carry enough to keep me going overnight wherever I go - just a few extras in case luggage goes missing or I fail to reach a destination.

  • Yes Hand Luggage declare them both on leaving and arriving especially if going outside Europe it's the prescription drugs they want declared outside Europe. I left one sharp and the Coagcheck in my hand luggage and packed the others in the checked in baggage, I also separated my prescription drugs and did the same roughly 50/50 hand baggage and checked in. I must admit to not actually telling them about the sharp just in case and they are very small.

    At Heathrow when I explained to the nice man managing the queue, he sent me off to the VIP security check in :)

    Have a great trip


  • Please everybody, never pack your medication in your suitcases -recipe for disaster! My friend did that, suitcase didn't arrive with her and she had no medication on her. Total panic all round. All medication should be in a bag to take on board but take your prescription sheet with you incase anyone questions you. Peace of mind. I can't imagine your sharps will be any problem - you couldn't do any damage with it but why not phone up customs to ask. Happy holiday and how lovely that you have such a positive outlook after your ablation.

  • Thanks everyone some really helpful advice there. It would be just my luck to be separated from my medication! X

  • I travel a lot and always carry in hand luggage my,

    Medications,prescription,medical history, INR yellow booklet, BP monitor and Coagucheck machine. I do not take these out of my bag, as they only ask me to do that with my phone, Kindle and Tablet.

  • I have travelled on holiday several times since my diagnosis to be honest it has been mainly Turkey but flew to Egypt this year. I am on a cocktail of drugs including Morphine in case of a flare up with my back pain. I also have an Epipen. I take all my meds in their original boxes or containers and documents in my hand luggage as I worry about my case going missing. I carry a copy of my repeat prescription and a letter from the DR stating that I require all this medication. Have had no problems so far.

    The only problem I am finding recently is when I declare I have a pacemaker to avoid going through the magnetic scanner they frisk me a little to thoroughly. I suppose its down to the world we now live in but it is not the most pleasant experience or start to the holiday. Hoping to go to Asia later this year hopefully that will also go smoothly I will let you all know how it goes

  • out of interest did you get charged for the letter from your gp - mine just threatened to charge me!! I dont have a repeat prescription because it was prescribed at the hospital.

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