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Expectations post ablation



I am four weeks post ablation. My EP told me to come off my beta blockers after 2 weeks which I did. However I still go into AF at times. does this mean the procedure may not have worked?

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Hello Afcl,

Try not to worry, as you will see from many posts, it can take 3 to 6 months for the heart to settle after an ablation, but if AF continues, it would be worth getting in touch with the Arrythmia nurse. In my case, my ablation was in early July but I was told to stay on my medication until my review which is 25 January. I have had 2 fairly short bouts of AF, one within a week, and the other, 3 months........good luck, John

Afcl in reply to FlapJack

Thanks John

I Am due to have a review with the EP 3 months post procedure so I will be patient.

AFter being told by the Consultant how well the ablation went and to come off the beta blockers 2 weeks post procedure I expected that the AF would be gone.

Wishful thinking on my part.

THanks again


4 weeks is way too short to speculate... i had an ablation feb 2016 and it took 6 months for the AF episodes to really settle down.. i was in constant AF prior to the procedure..

after 10 months i now only get missed beats etc although I'm still on 7.5mg bisoprol daily ..

however I've cut that down to 5mg through my own choice and its fine.. i tried 2.5mg but that wasn't enough to keep my heart rate below 100...

so give it time, at least 6 months as its early days yet..

Afcl in reply to Trevor3839

Thanks for your reassurance.



I'm not experiencing af but high heart rate when resting, I'm 8 weeks post ablation only taking apixaban now but my resting heart rate is sometimes 100.... not sure this is ok

mrsg46 in reply to Hidden

Hi Hidden, when I had my follow up after my last ablation I mentioned to the EP that I often experienced what felt like my heart racing, he told me that this was quite common after an ablation. This was six months afterwards so although it seemed to go on for quite a while I don't think the sensation lasted all that long.

I hope this helps and it won't be too long before yours settles down to what feels like a more regular resting rate.

Stephanie6637 in reply to Hidden

Hello Juggsy75. I had an ablation 10 days ago. My Ep said to stay on bisoprolol and rivaroxaban until my 3 month review. He said heart had enough to cope with at mo without coming off meds.

It surprises me that your EP told you to you come off the beta blockers so soon after the ablation.

The guidance I have had has been to stay on the meds until my follow up appointment months later.

Sadly for me my AF has never been resolved.

In your case I would try and contact your EP as soon as possible for advice.


Had my ablAtion sept still on all meds till feb

It's too soon to tell. I would say I knew mine worked after about 3 months. I do still get extra beats if I consume certain foods which I avoid but otherwise I am good.

Afcl in reply to needlestone

Thanks that's encouraging. What foods bring on extra beats with you?

needlestone in reply to Afcl

gluten/wheat, aspartame, alcohol, dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, too much sugar also. I can only have sugar in moderate amounts.

That is interesting are you able to drink coffee ? I have found post ablation it sends my heart rate haywire so have stopped drinking it all together and I really miss it.

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