Going for the record

Good morning all

Well it all went well this morning and I am back home after my Adenosine challenge.

To recap the procedure is designed to specifically identify the type of rhythm. Whilst being wired to a 12 lead ECG machine they inject the Adenosine into the vein. The drug briefly interrupts the AV Node function.

They produced an ECG trace about a metre long and the diagnosis is that my AF has now been converted to Atrial Tachycardia.

My EP is of the opinion that there is a good chance that he can deal with this by an ablation procedure.

The result is that I am now going back into hospital on 27th June for my 7th ablation.

Whilst the symptoms I am experiencing are pretty awful my mental state has improved purely because I see a possible light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's hope it isn't a train coming the other way.

Thanks again to all who left me messages of support in the past few days.


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  • Glad it's done onwards now

  • Wishing you every possible good wish Pete.

  • This sounds very hopeful Pete. And as you're already streets ahead of the rest of us, we've no need to give you reassurance about having an ablation. Great that you have the date and it's not far away. Let's hope it will get you sorted.

  • Crumbs Pete, I think you must hold the record for ablations already!!! It sounds like you're under a good EP for him to go through more tests with you. Good luck for the 27th.


  • Yes Jean

    However, I was not trying to go for the record.

    Oh for the simple life.

    Yes my EP is excellent and in addition to his clear endeavour to try and get this resolved he also is very good at communication. Following my last ablation he phoned me a few weeks later to check up on how well I was doing.

    I also cannot fault the fact that he has managed to slot me in in 2 and a bit weeks.


  • Who is your EP Pete?!

  • Oh for more EP s like yours Pete x

  • Pete, I hope this will be your very last procedure and wish you all the best for the best possible outcome.

  • Sounding positive Pete, all the very best of luck for the 27th ..... John

  • Your EP is very persistent and sounds very caring. Is he NHS? Good luck with number 7

  • Hello Barb

    Yes my EP is NHS.

    In my view, whilst care is a post code lottery in the UK and how good the resources are at your nearest specialist hospital, care is also very dependent on your EP's personality and ability to communicate as well, of course, their level of skill.


  • Couldn't agree more. I am impressed that as ablation is seen as an elective procedure that your CCG has allowed 6 and now 7.

  • The ablations on my heart have taken place over 10 years although this will be 3 in one year.

    I have endured AF for 26 years and when I first had the problem it was a case of experimentation and purely a drugs regime for me.

    On one occasion early on, around 1990, I was taken to St Georges Hospital in London where they performed what I can now only say was something like an ablation. I have no idea what they did I know they put catheters into me from above and below and that it took a while under sedation. I suppose I can boast (if that is the right word) that in fact I have already have had 7 procedures and am now approaching No. 8. You will gather that the first procedure did not "cure" me.

    My doctors have never said to me "we may be able to do this for you but we will have to check with the CCG".

    I think it is a matter of overall funding for a facility and more importantly clinical judgement. I am fortunate from the post code lottery point of view to live 15 minutes from one of the UK centres of Cardiac excellence.

    I would also go on to say that in reality an ablation does not fail first time as such but that on each subsequent occasion the work is to "tidy up" as it is impossible to know the outcome of an ablation until a few months later. In any case my next one is for Atrial Tachycardia and not AF as they believe they have now conquered the AF.


  • Thank you for your reply. I have had AF for around the same time as you but only diagnosed 8 years ago. I am interested in your situation, as I have had 4 ablations done privately and although I am very symptomatic when in AF, my GP indicated that it would have been difficult to get approval for the 3rd and 4th on the NHS. My EP also works for the NHS and told me that although he much prefers his patients to have a GA, it is often difficult to get approval, as the overall cost is higher. I count myself very fortunate that I have private cover (for now) so I don't have to worry about the Post Code Lottery - for my AF anyway!

  • Praying for you Pete :)

  • It maybe your 8th but let's hope it is your last. It will be brilliant if they can finally sort this for you Pete. Good luck. Thy cannot ablate my tachycardia without pacemaker in place as it is too near the AV node ☹️

  • What a difficult situation for you. Good job they are so clever and were able to identify the danger.

    We are all so different.

    For me it is so difficult to have my hopes built up and then dashed.

    I keep thinking that this is the end of the line and then my EP, who seems to be determined to find a solution offers more hope.

    Thanks for the good wishes


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