6 months down the ablation track

OK so after feeling very confident after my ablation in October, I know find myself sad because the procedure not only did not help but made me worse then I was before, several trips to the hospital as well as riding it out at home since.

I now have irregular high and low AFib. Yesterday it came on whilst driving and I had to turn around and go home, very fast irregular and lasted for 5 hours. This morning woke to very slow irregular heart beat but with the added discomfort of very low blood pressure which is something new since the ablation. I have an appointment on the 4th May with the new Professor and I know he is going to suggest part 2, but I really am hesitant his time round. Anyone else had this problem where the ablation made the AF worse.

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  • Oh dear, sorry to hear this Soozie. How long did it take post ablation before you started having issues? I've only had the one ablation, but would happily go for a second if there was a chance it would improve my symptoms. However, I have read on here some people have not been lucky with their ablations. The Professor will know best, so I would listen to his advice and then consider your position.

    Hope things change for the better, for you.

  • Jason, I went straight into AF after the procedure and have had problems since.

  • Yes Soozie my first was like that. Second was great for a while but eventually failed but number three is now seven years old. No pills for AF apart from warfarin which I don't ever want to stop so well worth all the faffing and countless trips to London. I'd go again if ever needed. Once you have had one it all makes sense. All you have to lose is AF


  • While it's awful you had to have 3 ablations is inspiring to hear you succeeded on the 3rd try - gives hope to all those like Soozie who are in despair.

  • Thanks guys, you have to admit though, it is daunting when you come out worse for wear then when you went in. The EP was so confident I would walk away with just the one ablation (I had not gone into permanent AF) that I had belief in what he said. After a couple of trips to emergency the doctor there put me back onto beta blockers, but even on them I manage to break through.

  • Beta blockers don't control AF they just control the heart rate when in AF. Only rhythm control can help stop AF not rate control.

    What tends to happen and did with me is that the heart heals too well and doesn't leave scars. This can be due to not enough depth of burn, small gaps left in the ring of burns (RF ablation) or just being too good at healing. It has been said that EPs will always under-ablate where they can as you can always go again. You can't always undo any damage by over-ablating so easily.

  • Bob-I am 3 months post ablation and I still use metroprolol when I have an "attack". 100mg - a lot - and between 20 minutes and 3 hours later I convert to NSR. Still hopeful that the ablation "worked" and I can dump this drug as well. Good luck! Shitty disease, isn't it?!

  • Hi Soozie,

    That happened to me after my second ablation, low BP, fainting episode, having a (white out) every time I stood up?? what the heck was that all about? couldn't drive because I felt unstable, Just over a week since my pace and ablate ,apart from a heavy cold all seems well fingers crossed.

    Hope you get some where with your professor,

    Good luck,


  • SO sorry to hear that. You must have felt quite defeated when you realised that your ablation had not succeeded BUT from the stories here it sounds like a second or even 3rd is definition worth a shot to try and live AF free.

  • I have heard of four or even more. I think eight is the record. The problem comes when the EP can't find a bit of vein to access wh9ch isn't already scarred. If an EP is willing to try then I would too.


  • Oh yes, my first ablation made thing MUCH worse but I didn't wait 6 months and had a second after 3 months - which worked! 12 months down the line and NO AF episodes, not even a blip, no other irregularities at all and definately worth it for me.

    Many people need more than 1 but wait and see what your new man has ton say.

    Very best wishes CD

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