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So my time for Ablation has finally come - any last minute advice please?

Hi everyone, I go to hospital tomorrow for my Ablation on Tuesday 12th January. I have been assured that they will go do me even if strike goes ahead.

The weirdest thing is that for the first time in months I have been AF and Flutter free for a week. No ectopics or blips nothing! Is great but not well timed. During Christmas week I was having 2 or 3 episodes a day. Then I went 5 days with just a short episode whilst out shopping, then nothing until last Sunday in the night when I was having to go back to work after Christmas 2 week break (work in College) next morning, I didn't sleep at all and had a strong 2 hour episode early hours. I decided not to return to work until after Ablation procedure so have been off work all week ( 3 weeks in total now) What has happened? Nothing else changed accept I'm not at work and just bimbling about with no time constraints, have been staying up late reading, and getting up late etc.

My concern is that I understand that when they are doing the procedure they try to stimulate the areas to create AF, so they zap these, I hope they will still be able find where my dodgy connections are!

So for those of you who have had the Ablation - any last minute advice for me


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If I were scheduled to have another ablation on Tuesday I would concentrate on staying calm and going with the flow. I would have packed a sports drink bottle full of water for use whilst lying still for 4 hours. I would also have lip salve/ Vaseline, a book, mobile phone, paper tissues, a banana and some cereal bars to hand.

I would ensure that all arrangements to get there and to get home were in place, so no worries.

Finally I would keep reminding myself that Bob said, correctly, that dental treatment was worse and that he, and others, would not go back for a 2nd or 3rd if it were so bad. Hopefully once will be enough for you.

You'll be fine. Very best wishes.


Thanks Jenny and Bob, some useful tips there, especially the drink and snacks - will do this. Yes I feel alarmingly calm at the moment - if you know what I mean. No doubt will not sleep too well tonight or for the next couple of nights whilst in hospital. Unfortunately I'm a very slight sleeper and cannot sleep with any light or noise!!! But will not worry about that plenty of time to catch up when home. yes all arrangements made - daughter is going with me and staying as long as she is allowed, bringing me home by car.

I will submit my own report when done. thank you everyone.


Add to that a bag big enough for putting all your outdoor clothes in as well, in case you are moved to another bed/ward during your short stay. Good luck!

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Don't worry. they use a special drug to stimulate the AF so your heart doesn't need to miss behave.

Don't forget your bag with all the suggested items.

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Wendy, don't worry about not being in AF when you are admitted .

I certainly wasn't for my 1st and 2nd but conveniently went into fast AF/flutter before I left home for my 3rd. They have ways and means !

Wishing you all the best. Try not to worry too much, although we all do.

Let us know how you get on.




Best wishes for Tuesday and don't worry about the procedure, you will know little about it whether under sedation or anaesthetic. I've had two and just like Bob has said in the past, going to the dentist can be worse. Eagerly await to hear how it all went. x


Hi Wendy, all the best for the 12th, thinking of you....Caroline


I am 4 weeks post ablation and Jenny dog and Bob have coveredone everything. Be prepared to rest for a week or two for bruising in the groin and the heart to settle and be prepared for some af episode post ablation as the ventricles are healing. It doesn't mean it's failed just that the scar tissue of ablation is irritating the heart.

I stop my medication today and then it's a waiting game but have to say that I haven't had a sausage so far since a bad fast af episode on day 5. I did get waves lines in vision and migraine for a week or so too and a dry cough but nothing that pholcodeine linctus didn't calm.

Good luck and hopefully it's successful. X x

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I had my ablation on November the 5th 2015.

I had a local anaesthetic and sedation. I did not have any awareness of the procedure and did not have any complications postoperatively.

It is still early days for me re:healing but I do feel much more comfortable re: my heartbeat and pulse, if I am busy I completely forget about my AF.

I hope you find this a little comforting.

Good luck on the 12th and best wishes for the future.



All the very best wishes for you, keep us posted, I've got mine end of month. Hope it all goes ahead and the strike doesn't get in the way.


Hey Wendy, the best of luck to you. I go for mine at the end of the month


Good luck with your ablation, mine was brill, best thing I ever did.


Good luck worked for me.


Thank you everybody - I'm packed and ready to go getting the 11.15 train up to London. Feeling a bit jittery now, bit like pre-holiday travel feeling but without the sea and sun and sangria!!!


Hi! Wendy

Second Ablation on the 16th September at Leeds General for me and still in sinus rhythm. Great support from the staff. Stay cool. They were. You'll be fine and the difference you will find is like night and day. Take it easy afterwards as suggested above. Plenty of rest to allow the healing process is really important and I mean that. I did far too much after the first. Best wishes and keep well.



I had my ablation on the 6th and it was so easy, I was embarrassed I'd been so apprehensive. I took all the things on Bob's list, but the hospital were so on the ball I didn't need any of them! (That's to say don't worry if you forgot something).

Best wishes - it'll be fine.


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