Today is the day :-)

Good morning, well today is the Ablation day. I have experienced years and years of uncertainty and nervousness regarding the Paroxsysmal AF And am ready for the Procedure. It is with great anticipation that I write this hoping that once and for all I can get on with my life in a more positive way and begin to live again as a 'normal' 49 year old chap should. There are a range of feelings whirring around this morning but the strongest one is Hope. I will be posting later and will update how the day went. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all catch you later. Today is gonna be a Great One x

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  • Good luck Micky, take it easy afterwards, Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a new year that's filled with health x

  • Thanks mammacass happy Christmas to you :-))

  • Good luck Mickey! That's a great Christmas present. Hoping all goes well, and looking forward to hearing all about it.


  • Good luck Micky, not that you'll need it. Great Christmas present :-) .


  • Thanks Koll

  • Oh great news, it will fly by. Let us know how you get on.... best wishes for a calm and AF free 2015... give it time!

  • Cheers Iris , thank you for your advice x

  • Good luck Micky and do take it easy for a while afterwards. Remember it isn't an instant fix and while you should feel much better afterwards it will take between three and six months for everything to settle down. Don't panic if you experience a few set backs in that time. It is all worth it in the end.


  • Cheers Bob keep up the good work :-)

  • Bob is absolutely right. Like me you have got to the stage that you have to do something which will, hopefully, stop the dreaded AF . And weren't we lucky to be able to have a £15,000 procedure offered to us?

    All the best!

  • Yes very lucky indeed thank you jennydog x

  • We'll all be thinking of you and hoping you'll be AF free!

  • Thanks for support x

  • Best wishes Micky and make sure you rest afterwards so as not to undo all the work that has been done to your heart. Will be thinking of you and waiting for news of how it all went.


  • Thank you for your support and comments let the resting commence

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