9 weeks post ablation

I have returned to the forum to share my experience and to say once again a big thankyou for the support following my ablation. I am now 9 weeks post ablation and initially had a bumpy post recovery with visual migraine, pain on swallowing and atrial tachycardia. I am pleased to report that I now feel well, touch wood! I am in sinus rhythm and have the odd missed beat but am back to gentle exercise and feel well. So good luck to anyone facing the procedure, it is daunting but if it works it's a life saver. Thankyou all again.

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  • Great news Abfab.....pleased to hear that things are going well for you and naturally, hope it stays that way.....best wishes

  • Great news! Thanks for sharing and encouraging!

  • I've never regretted mine either. And I think the key words in your post are "9 weeks" and "gentle exercise". Some people seem to hope an ablation fixes you immediately and overdo it, which is I suspect why some, though not all, need a second attempt.

  • In my case I totally underestimated how I would feel afterwards. I agree don't rush it would be my advice and think 3 to 6 months even a year as a recovery phase.

  • Yes definitely needs that sort of time ... But worth it in the end

  • Very pleased to hear good outcomes. You are right, it can be a bumpy road but hopefully it will now only get better and better as you recover.

  • So good to hear all is well after your ablation Abfab, it gives others confidence that their upcoming ablation may make them feel better too. Thank you for letting us know.


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