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12 months after Cryoablation


Does not seem possible, but it's almost a year since my Cryoablation and I thought it might help others if I give a brief account of progress. The post is a couple of days early because I'm psyching myself up to have a wisdom tooth extracted on the day of the anniversary!!!

Progress has been good, I did have a couple of short AF episodes within 2 weeks of the procedure and again, just after the 6 month review, but since then (believe me, I got EVERYTHING crossed!!) all has been well. In the early months, there were a number of ectopics and some short runs of rapid, but regular heartbeats, but these have progressively reduced, but it's very true that they are stress related.

I came off my daily dose of Flecainide after the 6 month review which may have contributed to the two short episodes, and provided my blood pressure is OK, I'm hoping to dump the Diltiazem after my review in August, but will stay on Apixaban. Next month, I will have a 5 day monitor fitted prior to the review, but we are going away for a few weeks next week, so I'm hoping to remain cool, calm and collected before being monitored so don't wind me up Beancounter!!!

When I reflect on my situation from diagnosis, I truly count my blessings and although I am well aware things can change at anytime, I just wish that everyone with AF could be as fortunate.

All I've got to do now, is pluck up the courage to get rid of this bl**dy wisdom tooth

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That is so positive, Flapjack as I think you were in persistent AF? It must really seem like a new lease of life - long may it be so.

Best wishes with the bl&@£y tooth - remember about adrenaline free injections.

FlapJack in reply to Finvola

Thanks Finvola, yes the original diagnosis was "lone persistent AF". I had a CV which lasted around 7 months but the AF reverted back to NSR without any intervention and lasted another 7 months. My Cardiologist said.....ah, paroxysmal AF.....I ain't arguing....it is what it is!!

I have mentioned the injections so I'm hoping all will be well....best wishes, John


Well done John. I knew you would be OK.

I have a good strong piece of string and a fast car if it helps.

FlapJack in reply to BobD

Trubble is Bob, I'd wanna do the driving but I don't think that's the way it works!!

Such good news my best wishes for the tooth extraction.


Ta muchly!

Can't believe that year has gone so quickly, so glad you have had such a positive outcome and long may it last. Have my dentist appointment Monday to complete a root canal my face is still black and blue from the last session. I wanted him to just take it out but he didn't want to do that as HR was so high at the time and didn't want to give the adrenaline injection if all didn't go smoothly. Well that is what I interpreted anyway as he speaks so softly ( no I am not going deaf as well). Hope you both have a really nice few weeks away, you do like your hollybobs don't you! Best wishes


FlapJack in reply to cbsrbpm

guilty as charged!!!!

Good luck Monday too......

How did you find coming off the flecainide, that's something I'm really looking forward too, yet dreading if that makes sense?

It wasn't a problem, although like you I was a bit apprehensive, but the main reason I took the ablation route was to minimise the medication, so I had to see it through. Apart from the short AF blip referred to above, I'm not aware of any more episodes since. Next week, I have my 12 month review and I'm hoping it might be suggested that I stop Diltiazem, but I'll have to wait 'n see!!!

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