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3 weeks after 1st Cryoablation


Hi all, just a quick update: This week has been a better week thankfully, my symptoms have settled and other than a few short runs of AF I've been in NSR. I can actually walk up my stairs at home and stay in NSR ... amazing. I'm hoping this will continue of course so time will tell. A few people have asked where I had my ablation done, it was at Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital in the north west of England, the procedure was done on the national health service after 2 x cardiologist appointments and 1 x EP appointment all at the same hospital. It is a great place to have your treatment and if you Google: Dr Derek Todd (my EP) you will see he's one of the top guys in the country, I've been very lucky.

I'm still taking it easy and looking at going back to work in a couple of weeks if all is well, I'm not out of the woods yet but slowly moving that way I feel. I hope you all have a good weekend and thank you for your continued support and friendship which really is a blessing. Keep well folks,

Best regards, Dave.

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Morning Dave, it's good to hear that your heart has settled. Your first few weeks of uncertainty were typical of a hearts behaviour right after an ablation! It sounds like you're well on the road to recovery now. Long may that continue. Best wishes. Jean

Thank you Jean.

Excellent news. I am glad that you are being so sensible with your recovery time.

I told you that you would like Dr Todd. We've both been very lucky !

Yes and thanks for all of your words of wisdom 😀

Morning Dave - such a relief isn’t it - so pleased you are felling better.

I lived just opposite the entrance to that hospital - it used to be called Broadgreen Hospital. It’s all changed now of course as I think what used to be the entrance is now under the motorway as it used to be on the corner of Queens Drive and Thomas Drive so it’s dear to my heart, although I’ve never set foot in it since the 1950’s. My mother was a radiographers there.

I found it’s such a relief when you finally have some sort of hope for a better quality of life. Slow and steady does it now.

Very best wishes CD x

Thank you! Small world isn't it... Yes I'm keeping to a slow and steady pace, just a daily dog walk and basic chores around the house for now... Take care CD and enjoy the weekend.

jennydog in reply to CDreamer

Are you a Scouser too?

It still is Broadgreen. LHCH is on the same site. Similarly they have 2 other hospitals on another site. After Walton Hospital was closed they moved The Walton Centre to Aintree/ Fazackerley Hospital. It's hugely confusing and both sites are vast.

Both LHCH and The Walton Centre are graded as Centres of Excellence. We're so lucky to have them. It always amazes me how smiley and willing to help the staff are!

Hi Jenny, not quite a scouser more a wooly back lol.. From Warrington in Cheshire so 15 miles from scouse land. Yes 2 hospitals on the same site, my cardiologist is based in Broadgreen and the EP is in LHCH. The staff at both sites are fantastic as you say... A really nice professional atmosphere 👍

Kaz747 in reply to djbgatekeeper

I’m a Scouse who is a long way from home. Born in Huyton 😉 That’s why I have a good (or warped) sense of humour.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Kaz747

Warped 😜

CDreamer in reply to Kaz747

Always a great sense of humour.......if you want to see life in the raw - get on a bus going to the Pier Head my tutor used to say.....the old one about the conductor replying to the question ‘’R ya goin’ t’ Pier Head?’ “No luv, I’m hopin’ It’ll stop before we get there........”

CDreamer in reply to jennydog

Yep I’m a scouser. My father helped designed Fazackerly - he was a hospital architect and ended his career as Chief Engineer for Merseyside Health Authority in the 1990’s. I left Liverpool in 1962, although stayed around Merseysde until 1989 ish, then moved prgressively south until I reached the coast in Devon. All my family worked in the Health Service in one capacity or another and my sister still nurses in Manchester. It sad to see the Royal Liverpool rebuild troubles and I wonder what will happen there though, I remember that being built and opened and even seeing the drawings on my father’s desk as he worked on that in the early days of his career.

It’s great to hear about the excellent work they are doing there but I can understand the confusion, it is a huge site.

jennydog in reply to CDreamer

Amazing! I had imagined that you were Devon born & bred!

I am a genuine Scouser, born in the Liverpool Maternity Hospital in Oxford Street.

CDreamer in reply to jennydog

Just my adopted home.


All sounds good news Dave. Derek Todd is a great bloke I know although only met him socially at conferences never as a patient. Very thorough! Slow and steady wins the race.

djbgatekeeper in reply to BobD

Cheers Bob, your knowledge is always appreciated thank you.

All looking good Dave. Fingers crossed for a full and successful recovery. I’m 4 weeks now and the infamous bruising has gone but like you, still taking things easy.........

Cheers Flapjack, I hope you stay on track as well... Have a good weekend 👍

Best news. Keep on this right road. So happy for you. All the best.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Rebma

Thank you, I hope you are doing well and catch up soon.

Evening Glad all is going well and continues to do so

Thanks ! Have a good weekend.

You to. I start my first 12 hour shift tomorrow My phased return ended Friday

Yikes.. I hope it goes well for you, just pace yourself and stay calm .. You can do it !!! 👍

Thank you Us people that was born in cronton and live in Rainhill are made of strong stuff ( I Hope )

Glad all is going well Dave, I had my cryo 10 years ago and although my heart plumbing meant the surgeon couldnt do all he wanted things settled down and I took it easy for a while to let my heart heal.

All the best


djbgatekeeper in reply to Jay10

Thank you Jackie, it's nice to hear that you have found the process worth while.. Take care 👍


Going good Dave, sounds positive, looking forward to having mine done reading this.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Hidden

Thank you, and best of luck for your turn. When are you expecting to have it done?

Hidden in reply to djbgatekeeper

Just waiting Dave but hoping its soon, or preferably after Xmas. Keeping the walking and cycling going and trying to lose a bit of weight. So far so good, but enjoying following your story, making me a little less nervous.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Hidden

That's great that you are getting in shape, it is quite an anxious time in the run up to the procedure which is why I thought of posting my experience so people can see what to expect.

Try not to worry too much as it will be over in the blink of an eye and the benefits can be excellent. Keep in touch and have a good day 👍

Good news that it is settling down for you - take it easy and let it all heal well

Thank you Gincalpe I will do that 👍

Glad to hear you’re improving, keep up the good work and don’t return to work before you feel absolutely ready 👍

djbgatekeeper in reply to Maura5

Thank you and I will definitely take your advice... Take care.

I'm having mine Tuesday. Work are expecting me back Thursday x

Thank you x

thankyou makes me feel more possative

Hope you are doing well Shazza... 👍

thankyou slowly getting my energy back

Dear Dave,

great to hear on that result! As my ablation (second) seem to be not efficient after 14 weeks, and worked only between weeks 3-8, I am trying to control via propafenone now as I have 21% of PVC, that is very trouble some. Try not to stretch yourself and let your heart to heal - I worry if my even moderate exercises did not allow the heart to heal properly triggering another focus in the area of ablation.

All the best,


Thanks Oleg, I hope you keep well 👍

Hi Dave, this is such good news. May I ask if you are on any drugs before/after your cryoablation? My husband had his 3 weeks ago but he cannot tolerate the flecainide, made him so sick. He is still in AF, went back in about 16 hours after the ablation.

Hiya.... Yes im currently on 2 x 50mg of flecainide and 1 x 5mg bisoprolol both daily. I was on 2 x 100mg of flecainide for about 3 weeks before the procedure as my symptoms were getting much worse. My dose of flecainide from 2013 to the 3 weeks before my procedure was 2 x 50mg which appears to be a maintenance dosage. Luckily I have never had any side effects from the meds. I hope things improve soon for your husband, best wishes.

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