Bisoprolol rivaroxaban and magnesium?

Hi everyone,

I am considering taking a magnesium supplement to help with my AF mainly for sleep and fatigue purposes. I would just like to know if anybody out there takes a magnesium supplement and if there are any interactions or has found it helps? I am on bisoprolol 5mg and rivaroxaban 20mg daily. My GP doesn't seem to think I need it but I have read about the benefits and I would appreciate any feedback.


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  • Type magnesium into the search box and you will find acres of print on it. It will not do you any harm unless you are pregnant or you take too much in which case you will get the runs. Many people find it helpful but how much of this is placebo affect and how much science is a moot point. Most doctors will tell you that you don't need extra.

    If you do decide to take some there is no evidence it will react with any other drugs but it is also important to take the right magnesium compound as by anecdotal reports some are less easily absorbed.

    There are also skin rubs and oils claimed to be beneficial.

    The party line is that any supplement must be discussed with your medical team.


  • Thanks BobD

    Yes I am educating myself on the best absorbed magnesium to take. My GP isn't very good to be honest I see a cardiologist in June so I'll discuss it with them.

    I haven't found any evidence of interaction with other medications so I can't see the harm in experimenting.

  • I increased potassium in my diet and a cardiologist advised me to have a magnesium supplement to balance things up- so my GP prescribed Magnesium Citrate 200mg daily- not saying this is best one - just passing on what I've been prescribed

  • My last blood test showed potassium higher than recommended. So is increasing it necessarily a good thing?

  • only if one is deficient- as I was! Hope you are well. Might be good to take the magnesium to balance the Potassium a bit?

  • Thanks Rosy. I will maybe try the oil as last time I tried tablets stomach was upset.

  • PS. I am very well. You doing ok?

  • I had first AF for 3 years , two nights ago, so although a bit disappointed, can't complain!!

    `Still very busy with everything!!

  • I sleep much better! Magnesium is used in at least 300 different processes in the body, so if we are short (and modern farming methods mean our food tends to contain less than in the past) then it is likely to affect us in one way or another. AF is just one of them!

    (It is important to use one which does not give one diarrhea, as the latter results in us losing magnesium and potassium and possibly other important minerals as well - so then it becomes counterproductive to take the magnesium)

  • My Naturopath prescribed Nutri Megamag Muscleze & CoQ10 together, which I have taken at half the recommended dose for 3 years and have found it helpful. However I am only on Flecainide and with Lone PAF.

    Better to have a Red Cell Mg blood test test with BIoLab London rather than the GP Serum blood test, the latter always says you are fine the former more accurate.

  • I saw a nutritionist a month ago who suggested taking magnesium to help with tiredness. I haven't yet noticed a difference.

  • Suggest you watch youtube video on Magnesium by Sanjay Gupta, cardiologist at York. He has done a lot of interesting youtube videos about AF etc.

  • I am on Bisoprolol, Riveroxiban, Flecainide and pain killers and take Magnesium with no side effects whatsoever.

  • Hi, I am on Atenolol beta blocker and Warfarin blood thinner. I want to try taking Magnesium, but read it is a blood thinner too. So I don't know where to start, like how much mag a day etc. I also take morphine and oxycodone for pain for severe joint deformities. May I ask what pain killers you take. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. bonnie

  • My 91 yr old mother has afib and has been on a magnesium supplement for over 5 yrs now. It was prescribed by her cardiologist.

  • Congratulations for your Mum! Did taking the magnesium help her with the AFib? What does she take for a blood thinner? I take warfarin. What kind of magnesium does she take and how much? Sorry for all the questions, but I would really like to try the magnesium, but am scared. Thank you! Bonnie

  • She takes magnesium Malate. It’s supposed to be the best form for muscles and the heart is a muscle. 400 mgs/daily. She takes Eliquis - the lowest dose - 2.5 mgs. She won’t go higher because she has macular degeneration and she worries about bleeds in her eyes. But the lower dose seems to be okay for her.

  • Thank you so much for your quick reply! I am so happy that it is working well for her. I go see a new cardiologist next month & hope she will approve of using supplements to help. My very best to you and your Mum. Hugs, Bonnie

  • Thank you all so much for advice and replies,

    I'll experiment once I've had a talk with the cardiologist I was thinking of trying drs best absorbed chelated magnesium for a few months I'll update if there is any benefit from them.

    Thanks again.

  • Magnesium Citrate has definitely helped me. I started taking it morning and evening before bed. So far biggest problem is if you take too much it promotes diarrhea.

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