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AF and Magnesium Supplement


This bit of info may have found its way onto this site before but just in case here is some very good advise on AF and magnesium supplement.......


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BU T not to be used if taking Warfarin according to the article.

Hi Rothwell - No, it doesn't say magnesium shouldn't be taken with Warfarin. It says it could raise your INR, so be aware and if it does I guess you would need to lower your dose of Warfarin. Anyone starting to take magnesium should always inform their GP.

Magnesium has been discussed at length on this forum and is taken by many members with great success.


Our doctor said as long as I took it more than two hours away from taking the warfarin it would be okay...

Or if you have Myasthenia!

Thanks for posting, very informative re which magnesium supplements are the best.


Very interesting article until I got to the bit about drug interactions . I take Warfarin and have also recently started to take Magnesium for about 3 months.

Last weekend I had a very bad nose bleed the first in my life to my knowledge.It involved a very painful procedure and a 48hr spell in hospital, leaving me very apprehensive to say the least. I would appreciate any advice or info from the members of the group as my first reaction was to stop Magnesium.I had informed the anticoagulant team on my INR report .

Many thanks Jo.

traveler65 in reply to TenorJK

@TenorjK some things have to be taken separately from others. Here's my scehdule however tedious it sounds:

4 am ( I am an early riser) am: bp meds. thyroid hormone,. estradiol. progesterone;

4:45 am: some supplements that include Magtein (magnesium L- Threonate; and 100 mg of magnesium glycinate. other supplements I won't mention because they are not part of the main point here. MK-7 form of K2 is taken here- 10 hours before warfarin. some suplements like NR, Probiotics, Pantethine to be taken before eating.

5 am-some foods high in magnesium, potassium,. trace mins. etc ex(yoguret, powdered collagen peptides, powdered gelatin from grass fed beef, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cherries, banana,stevia.)+ some supplements that deal with electrolyte adaptogenic balance for the brain and heart, maintenance of mitochondria etc. -but which have to be taken with food such as epa, dha (pure encapsulations brand 300 epa/200 dha); 30 mg CoQ10.

8:30 Sotalol ( a beta blocker plus a potassium channel blocker for afib both a rate and a rhthym drug)=----has to be 3--4 hours separated from magnesium.

12- with lunch take a mineral supp with =calcium and magnesium and half the phospphorus plus a tiny but of potassium - I am not telling you to take this, or anything--jsut describing what I have found useful for me. a 2nd dose of 30 mg CoQ10 and some more 600mg epa+400 dha.

2:45 Warfarin -separate from all meds, drugs, suuplements and food.

8:30 pm sotalol.

Taurine, L-carnosine, N acetyl cystein and reduced glutathione are taken twice a day separate from any food and meds. These are all related to normal cardiovascular physiology.--works for me--maybe not good for everyone. research things that may help you other than just asking on this website.

So this sounds very complex (i did not list all the supplements)-but it works at keeping the heart and everything else very well running- when I go for my 6 month check up with the ep--every 6 months-- he is always surprised that I do not need more meds or another ablation.

Before taking anything, check how to take it--so many hours before,. after or separate from something else.

Thanks for the posts...did look it up and advice was to leave a 2 hour gap.

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